I Had to Write An Mla

I had to write an MLA. For those of you who don't know its one of those standardized research papers that you do in highschool.  I ended up spendding many long days writing this MLA on something i didnt even care about just to get a decent grade, which i barely achieved.  Here it is if you would like the read my boring work.


The radar is an essential piece of technology that Americans, and people all over the world can not afford to lose. Used to navigate and determine the size and location of specific objects with the use of radio waves, radars are one of a kind instruments that are very effective. Although cost can be seen as a weakness, the radar's unique abilities and efficiency make it well worth the money.

For starters, the ability to help vessels navigate in all kinds of conditions is just one trait that shows why the radar is indispensable. For example, when an air plane is coming in for landing at night it can be hard to see the runway. To help the plane find the runway, the on-board radar emits radio waves that hit the runway and reflect back to the plane. Then on the radar screen it outputs an image that allows the pilot to tell where the runway is and how far away it is. This same use of the radar for navigation is also used by large boats as well. Coral and the depth of the sea is detected by the boat's radar to help the captain steer around any perilous obstacles. The closest competitor the radar has in terms of navigation is the GPS (Global Positioning System ). Though the GPS is a strong rival the fact that the radar is more accurate at close range navigation is a huge advantage.

Another capability of the radar that is vital, is the power to determine the size and location of many different objects. In general, radars are fairly customizable. They can be made to only show a certain kind of material on the output screen or they could be made to find all objects surrounding the radar and show them on the output screen. This technology has been applied in a variety of places. One of these places is the game of golf. A company known as Radar Golf has placed little microchips inside golf balls. With the microchips inside the golf ball it allows the player to walk the course with the radar and the radar will show the player in what direction and how far away the ball is. Concepts like this aren't only in golf, but they're being applied to a variety of new technology everyday. Even the Air Force fighter planes use radars. The radars allow the fighter jets to locate enemy planes and vehicles and that gives the pilot a better sense of the situation that it is in.

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Oct 10, 2006