Lines In School And In School Roleplay

I received lines at school when I was naughty and found getting them was a very effective punishment since it was not only tedious but also it made you focus on your misbehaviour. That was partly because your lines had to be written as a sentence and not written in columns during a lunchtime or an after school detention which was always supervised by a teacher or prefect who looked for evidence of them being written as columns.

If you were caught writing columns rather than sentences you risked having everything you had written torn up so you up had to write them again after detention at home that evening. Of course in those days, detention of not senior students might have maybe two hours pkus homework for the next day as well. You could also be placed on report for misbehaviour in detention which would mean you saw a senior teacher the following day and be you a boy or girl you could possibly be slippered or caned for it. That meant in those days writing columns was simply not worth it.

Nowadays I like to incorporate supervised detention with lines lines into school roleplay where the pupil has to write them whilst in uniform and in similar detention conditions under close scrutiny following a sharp scolding about the pupil's recent behaviour. Usually a detention last an hour from start to finish.

Then the lines must be written in silence with the pupil using a school pen as legible sentences and witin a set time frame. Ususally I give an achievable amount of lines of about ten words to the sentence, to be written within an hour and sometimes at a time inconvenient to the recipiant. The line is usually fitting to the crime. As an additional less comfortable twist I may not stipulate a number of repititions just saying it must be writtten to an acceptable target within the detention hour.

In that case the subject simply has to labour away for fear of not hitting an undisclosed target. If they work in an undistracted and conscientious way normally I eventually set a target just within the number they have written, whilst the distracted student ends up with a higher target and further lines to write later on.
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Sounds just what I need right now.

I would love to write lines in a controlled situation, if any mistakes I will need a dose of the belt! I live in Scotland.

Naturally, that was how the old school punishments worked. If you didn't take your medicine then either the school or your parents came down harder on you. Just one point though my lad, if you don't do your lines properly the first time, I will decide how to deal with you.

I have writing experience and I love a school role play scenario.
Is that also online possible for you?