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(unexpected) Bareback Hotel Sex

Just thought I'd write a fairly quick story for you all, 100% true, and 100% honest.

A few years ago, 2008, I was working bar in a pub, and was on lockup on a Sunday night just after Christmas (worst shift ever.)

3 rooms were full, and that was it (in a 37 room hotel) so it was a LONG shift. 2 rooms were taken by 1 family (parents in 1 room, 2 daughters in a twin room) and 1 room taken by relatives of the family in the 2 rooms.)

I called last orders at 11, desperate to escape, and everyone went off to bed. As i cleared down the bar, i had a call from one of the daughters in their room asking for room service, which I explained to them wasn't going to happen.

Next thing I know, one of the girls (who was the elder sister, E, a very nice 23 years old) walked down into the bar wearing heels, a black thong, and a smile. (thank god the curtains were drawn) before saying she'd fancied me all night, and asking me to go up to their room and have a little fun. When I asked about her sister, she just kissed me on the lips and said don't worry.

After some delicious kissing, touching, and a wonderful ******* on the stairs, I walked into the room to see the younger sister (22, L) lying naked on her bed, while the elder dragged me to her bed, and started taking my shirt off. Next thing I knew, I had the younger sister sucking my **** while I was licking and sucking on the elder sisters *****. I lay on the bed as the elder sister slowly sank down on my ****, while the younger asked if i would lick her *****. After 5 - 7 minutes they swapped round, and then swapped again a few more minutes later. The younger sister came as she ground her ***** into my mouth, while the elder sister didn't quite, but assured me it was very good oral.

I warned them I was near ******* (very near, hell, sisters for Christs sake, wouldn't you be?!?) and they both went to suck my **** (brilliant view for anyone who wonders) as the younger sister was sucking for the second time I began shooting in her mouth, and the elder sister just kissed me. The younger sister said thanks and went back to her bed (in her words, she was ****** out) to stroke her ****, while the elder one carried on sucking my **** to hardness. She then rode me again for a nice 20 - 30 minutes solid before I came deep inside her. She then asked me to stay (which was a no as I worked there) before asking if there was anything she could do to give me a last treat before I left. Blatantly, i asked her and he sister to do stuff together jokingly, before thinking for a moment. She walked to the sisters bed, gave her a full on kiss, before dipping her head slightly to lick both nipples and laughing, saying that was my treat for the year!

I still sometimes text the elder sister, and we have met up again since a few times, but I doubt I'll ever have a night like that again in my life.
evanski evanski 26-30, M 2 Responses Oct 11, 2011

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Hot amazing ****

HOT HOT HOT The best are crazy unexpected things like that that happen.