I went out with friends last night and then met my friend and her dad for more drinks. We drank so much that after dropping my friend home, her dad took me home. We chatted and laughed lots and kept bumping into each other.

The path gets very dark and I felt him put his hand on my ***. I stopped and turned to him. Every part of my body tingled, we kissed and touched before we knew it we were on the floor, my dress pulled up and I could feel him inside me. It was an incredible end to the day!! Xxxx
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Sex with your friend's dad? And your friend doesn't know? VERY hot!! Wish one of my daughter's friends would **** me!! Lucky bastard.

Lucky guy !!!

that sounds so intense and urgent - sexy little vixen.

It was hehe xxxx

How many of your friends Dads have you had the opportunity to seduce?

Only this guy :) xxxx

make you horny thinking about it now?Please reply with authenticity, support, and respect

sounds like a wonderful experience. ;)

It was lovely xxxx

Very sexy!

Instant hard on

Omg so hot

That is a night he will never forget!

damnnnn .. lucky dad! Does she know?

did he *** inside you? did he do your *** too?

Oh my! Say, that reminds me. Are you busy tonight? lol I found this old bar and they claim too have served the first Mai Tai ever!! If you ever visit me in SF, I promise to take you there.

Very lucky man to get to be buried deep in you.

Wasn't just once ;) xxxx

Well who wouldn't want to be buried in you over and over.

How could any breathing male resist a sexy 20 something girl? ;)

Mmm call me daddy and tell me how.i feel inside of you babe;)