Counting Down To Surgery

I found out yesterday that my insurance company has approved the Gastric Sleeve for me even though its an excluded procedure. My previous medical history precludes any sort of bypass and the band won't get me to where I want/need to go. I have to admit, now that its real I am getting quite nervous. The surgery will be done laparascopically, so it won't be as invasive as an open surgery but its still nerve wracking.

I want to thank everyone for sharing all your stories, both happy and difficult. I love to go into things prepared and you are helping. As a 329 pound 56 year old woman, who has struggled with my weight since after my first child, I pray that this time I will be able to keep it off. In 2008, I did a liquid diet, with my doctor and lost 115 lbs...I kept it off for a year, then started gaining... it was as if I was taken over and unable to stop eating... I now know the reason for that Ghrelin! that pesky hormone. My biggest fear is that I won't be able to maintain the weight loss, as has happened in the past.

As I move forward, I will continue to write but would ask for anyone/everyone to keep sharing. And thank you for your support.
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1 Response May 4, 2012

I am gearing up for my VSG in a couple of months. This has been a long thought out process that I finally decided to go with and my husband is finally on board. That said, we all know this is not a 'magic pill'. It will still take some discipline and as we likely have not had much success in that in the past for long term, we need to also work on the reasons we don't have long term success. I have found that working on the mental issues now is helping to prepare me for the after success. This is a great resource for helping with the mental food addiction: This teaches how to feast on the Lord rather than on food. Seeing as it has been a couple of years since this was posted, I would love to hear how you are now.