My Views On Sleeve Gastrectomy Weight Loss

I just had sleeve gastrectomy on 15/March /2012. I waited 5 years to have the surgery due to ongoing health proplems with my severe weight problem. When it was suggested I should have the surgery but I was warned that i would have serious health risks and it was a very high risk surgery for me. I had the surgery done in University hospital Galway Ireland. I was meant to have it done in St James Dublin but was considered too high risk so ended up in Galway where i was very well treated and the Operation went well but was told it was a difficult challange . I was able to be up the next day after the operation and had no pain at all and stayed in hospital for 6 days . My weight had reached to 28st 10llbs and I have now lost over 40llbs since January 2012. I already feel the benifits and feel so great , more mobile and doing simple things like wash and dressing and cutting my own toenails. All things i took for granted before the weight gain. I needed a trolley to walk around shops and could not use stairs or walk or stand for more than 5 mins. I suffer from Sleep apnea, kidney problems,hypertension, fatigue, pcos , diabetes , poor memory and a BIM of 72 ..Already I am considered no longer a diabetic, and off all diabetic medication. I would highly recommend this VSG surgery to anyone. The chances of surviving after the surgery and what one has to gain are far greater than the chances of not having the surgery. I was told i would not survive much longer and now I feel wonderful , energetic and more confident.

Delahunty Delahunty
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as long as u r a good spirit
there's no need to loose weight

Congradulations on your success love your hear how things work out wit you im hope to get my date very soon

Congradulations on your continued success. You are an inspiration. I am waiting for a scheduled surgery date for the same procedure- Can i ask you what protein shakes you liked best?<br />
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Congratulations! Sounds like you went to the brink of the abyss and not only survived, but are thriving. Your strength in taking this step should be applauded. I am awaiting my surgery in a few weeks. I am nervous, I must say. I am not scared of the surgery; I am scared of how I am going to manage my emotions without the help of food. It has been my primary coping skill most of my life. Let me know if you have any suggestions. Warm regards, Cathy