My Surgery Is June 1st

My name is Mischell and I am from Louisiana. I struggled with drug and alcohol addiction for the better part of my life. I quit smoking 2 years ago this coming September and I have been drug and alcohol free for over 4 years. I have gained a lot of my weight over the last 4 years. It seems that food has become my new drug of choice. I have tried a lot of diets and every time I lose weight I seem to gain it back plus gain more. I became so discouraged about my weight and gave up for a while then there was a good friend who told me about her bypass surgery and how it had changed her life. Well after a year and a half of research and satisfying my insurance I have decided that the VSG is the surgery that is right for me. My weight has caused me to have a lot of medical problems such as, High blood pressure and some awful pain in my knees and joints. I also have GERDS. I am hoping that the weight loss will relieve these problems for me. I started my liquid this morning and I hope this week flies by so I can start my new way of life. I have support from my family and friends, but I was really hoping to have some support from people who have been through what I am going through now. I hope to hear from y'all and I can't wait to learn your experiences.
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Hi Mischell... I hope that you're doing well (would love to hear). Your struggles with drugs and alcohol, and then food, certainly struck a chord. Just this afternoon, I explained to my son, who has had drug and alcohol addiction issues, that I too, had an addiction and that addiction was to food. I told him that normally I would keep such a personal matter to myself, but that I felt that since he had been open with me about his addiction, then I owed it to him to tell him about my addiction. I explained that I absolutely had to have something to break the cycle of the addiction--much like what happened to him when he went to rehab. That is why I've chosen VSG. My surgery is scheduled for the end of this month.

I am having the VSS on July 18th, 2012. I like you both am also from Louisiana.. We must all like our Cajun and Southern food. I am on Day 4 of my liquid diet. I am hanging in there, just don't like the shakes very well.. I was really hungry yesterday but I kepted busy. Hope all goes well with you.

i wish you luck,i have 2mon.and a few days before mine,i also live in Louisiana,i start my liquid diet on July 22,maybe you can tell me some good smoothes to make my doc.gave me a list of protein mixs,and he started me drinkin them for breakfast to prepare me for the full liquid.i'm going to be a bridemaid in a wedding in July and i'm worried about being around all that food,knowing i won't be able to eat any my husband sayed he's going to buy a large smoothe at smoothe king he sayed that should keep me from wanting anything to eat while there...hope your recoving well