Need Helppppppp!!!!!

Hey my name is natasha .... i m 28 years old ... i had a sleeve surgery on 18-10-2012 and at that time my weight was 91.5 KGS .... after first two weeks my weight to 84 KG after that my weight loss process become very slow i have completed 5.3 weeks now from the date of surgery and my current weight is 81 kg.... i mean i m loosing (.5) or max 1 kg every week ... so i m very afraid i really need every ones help to know y my process is slow ... i m flowwing the diet ompletely .... please please replyyyy
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Hello, do you walk every day and get your protein in. I went to my two wks check yesterday and had lost 13 pounds. I felt that was not enough. She said it was good most lose 20 lbs the first month. I had my surgery on 12/03/12. Don't give up keep taking your vitamins and doing what your surgeon said and you will lose weight. I was told to walk everyday. I just started walking Sunday. Have u had your two weeks followup yet?

Natasha i just read your story. Unfortunately bi can not give you any advise because i just had my sleeve done 3 days ago. Please let me know how things are going for you.