Had My Vsg On 01/03/13

I had my VSG on Jan 3rd of 2013. I went to St. Marks in Utah. I weighted around 550lb at my highest, at the time of surgey i was down to 422.6lb. Im shooting to hit 220lb as my final goal. just wanted to talk to with other people that have had this and toss about some questions.
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Surgery done 12/31/12. No over night stay in the hosp. Not a great way to spend New Years Eve though (lol). I had no pain, in fact, I took only one Tylenol that first night, Went back to work one week later ( did only 1/2 days for about one week). Life is very different now. I no longer think about food all day. Eating has become a necessity rather than a love. GO FOR IT!!

I was heading to do this surgery, but I am changing my mind. I am trying to learn all I can from those who have had it. I am scared of the surgery itself and the pain and healing of it all. Any advice / experiences those can share. They say it is a 1 night hospital stay and 1 week recovery. Is that true for others too? Thank you so much. Would love to hear how porkchop is doing today. Thank you.

I had this surgery done about a year ago. If you have any questions I can help answer the best I can :) good luck! Youll be so happy you did it.

What did u drink prior to surgery

I have not had this procedure done but I just wanted to tell you that I wish you all the best on the path that you are on!!! I admire you for taking on a life-changing plan :). 'Amy