Gastric Sleeve Surgery Complications

Hi everyone i wanted to share my sisters story. I do not want to offend anyone on the site but i am trying to share the experience of the risks of Weight Loss Surgery.

My sister Doreen had struggled with her weight for many years. She had tried all sorts of diet plans but struggled with her weight, which also had a profound effect causing depression etc.

In 2010 Doreen decided that she was going to look into weight loss surgery and see what options were available. She looked into the options extensively as she knew that the option was not a quick fix and there would be a long journey ahead.

She decided to have a gastric Sleevectomy and was put in touch with a private surgeon. Doreen visited the surgeon and after several visits she went in to a private hospital to have the operation.

A couple of days after the surgery Doreen complained od severe pain but was told this was quite normal. Doreen accepted this and was discharged and came home.

Overnight at home Doreen was still in pain and so we phoned the nurse on call from the hospital, who said this was normal and should subisde within a few days.

The following morning Doreen slept for a few hours as had not had much sleep through the night. When she woke later on she was not herself and seemed feverish and rea;;y not wuite right at all.

WE phoned the nurse again and she did not seem concerned so we phoned our local doctor who at that time was out on call but said they would call in as soon as they could.

Doreen got worse and became delirious so we phoned NHS direct who adivesed us to call for an ambulance, so we did.

Doreen was taken to hospital and was put on life support as she could not breathe for herself on arrival. The staple line from the sleevectomy had split and fluid had leaked into her system causing Septacemia.

The doctors fought for 2 weeks to save Doreens life but sadly she passed away on Dec 18th 2010.

I have been reading some of your posts and it is clear that this kind of surgery can work well, as some of you are having great results, however i do know that there is a 1% Mortality Rate risk on this kind of surgery and unfortunately Doreen was that 1%.

Doreen knew the risks and knew it is not a quick fix, it would be a lifelong journey after the operation. Sadly and unfortunatley it took her life.

I hope that you do not mind me sharing Doreens story with you all/ I wih you all well on your journey that you are about to begin xx love to you all xxxx
Jan 19, 2013