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I had Vertical Sleeve Gastrectormy Weight Loss Surgery in May of 2009.  I was 38 years old at a weight of 199 pounds - I was at my highest.  I tried every diet, exercise, colonics, lipo-dissolves, and cleanser there was, nothing seemed to work.  I researched the different bariatric surgeries and after reading all of the complication with each of them I changed my mind again.  Well, things were only getting worse.  Everytime I go to the doctor, they were adding another medicine to my prescriptions.  I had high blood pressure, cholestorol problems, had to take B-12 shots once a week, two iron pills twice daily.  i began my research again and decided to go with the VSG.  All of the complications I read about, I had none.  I went in for surgery that morning and was up and walking around that afternoon and was discharged the next morning.  I experience dno hair loss and I went from a size 16/18 to 6/7 (135 pounds) and it's only been 5 1/2 months.  I recommend this surgery to anyone.  Yu loose the weight so fast and you don't crave sweets and most of all I haven't eaten a hamburger since the day before my surgery.  The only recommendation I have for anyone who has this surgery is to make sure you exercise during you recovery. 

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Can I ask how tall you are
I am 5'5 and weigh 217 I am worried that I won't be 'big' enough for this surgery although I do suffer from serious health issues

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Congrats..im happy I have read this cause there are not to many people out there with a weight of 190-200..im also 198 n it to seems like everytime I go to the drs its a medicine..smh..im goin to my clearance appointment nov 18

I'm getting ready to have this surgery in October and I am scared to death! Need someone to talk to please!!!

how are you doing?

Did you get ur surgery done???

I had my surgery on 7-8-13 and weightloss is very slow starting weight was 214 and now 194 but I don't exercise all kinds coz I have a bad knee so I swim maybe about 2 to 3 times a week. Also I don't eat sweets but I did eat a low carb burger maybe half of a half. But not anymore!

Hey, I will be getting the sleeve in 6months ,how did you feel after surgery

I feel pretty good, I was up and walk right away! I just had the worse headache tho! It last about 2 days.

Hello, Im 46yrs of age and I am having the VSG tommoro. Im grouchy, scared, and very hungry. Im second guessing myself if Im doing the right thing. I have been over weight now for 20+yrs now . I have had 3 back surgeries, knee surgery and other surgeries. Im hoping this surgery will help my bones. My fear is complications as you see I am a nurse that works on a surgical floor. Can someone tell me how do they get their 60-80gms of protein in per day without getting tired of the shakes. Also does the weight come off quickly???

For me it didn't but thats ok coz you will more saggy skin if you lose it to fast, I know won't have any regrets, I sure don't. wish I did this about 15 yrs ago. In 2 months now I have lost 20 pds, I am happy for that. good luck ok

how are you doing?

hello i was just wondering was your doctor concern about you getting pregnant after the surgery? that it is not a good idea?

how do u eat these days because i dont want to eat liquids most of my life!

thanks soo much..i just made up my mind..i was so undecided and we are about the same size........so the sleeve it is....


Hello,<br />
My name is Sabrina. Pleased to meet you. I had my VSG this year June 6th, 2012, and I initally lost 30lbs, exercise every day (I walk a mile a day) and I haven't los an ounce in 2wks! Will my weight loss continue? I've read numerous of posts on youtube and different wedsites, and every post i've read, everyone has lost 100lbs and over. I'm totally frustrated and hate to think I went through this surgery only to lose 30lbs!!! I don't eat sweets, fried foods, soda, fast food or anything unhealthy, what am I doing wrong that I can't lose any more weight. I'm 6wks out and disgusted!!! :(<br />

Are any of you having problems with diet pop?

would love to hear from all of you, I need to be encouraged. I had the sleeve done Wednesday, and too feel<br />
like what have i one. Any good I deal on protien drinks for some way to get my daily moun in..Get the med pump out today, Please give me all the hints, and what you consumed. Thanks Sherrie

how have you been doing

I had the surgery and I too had burps and pains but that is because i have either eaten too much<br />
or too fast. this surgery limits your amount of food intake and if you inhale your food like i sometimes still do you will be in pain , having what they call pbing which is painful burping. The anxiety stem from not having a stomache and thinking what the heck did i do... I can't believe i did that... That is a normal feeling which i still have not gotten over and do get anxiety when i think of it.

I just had an information session yesterday and have an appointment with the nurse to do an intake information session. I learned a lot yesterday and did not even know that there were four different kinds of surgery to have. I have struggled with my weight since I was a teen and it has only gone up from there. I'm 32 now and feel as if I will never loose without the help of something. I have tried all forms of weight loss from pills, drinks, delivery meals, gyms, even going vegitairan. Nothing stuck, now at 322lbs, I have reached a breaking point and I hope that I am able to receive the help I need to loose this weight via surgery. As I have never had any kind of surgery before I am nervious about the effects it will have on me but I think that it will be beneficial in the long term. Any suggestions?

My husband and I are thinking about having the sleeve but we don't know anyone who has had it done. I would like to hear from anyone who had it done. Pros and Cons. Would they do it again in aftersight? Please help. Thanks!

My apologies, I am very glad for you all that have had this surgery and are glad you did. I wish you all the best, just need to know that there is a down side with positive results.

My cousin had the sleeve surgery about two months ago and it has been the worse experience of her life. I have watched her go through so much turmoil over this surgery. Last weekend she had a panic attack and wanted to die. She immediately started having complications as she was informed she had a leak and a second surgery was scheduled. She burps and spits constantly and the burps make her nauseous. She occasionally vomits but always gags as if she were vomitting. After the second surgery she still has pains, but the burping and spitting has not stopped and she sits on the couch with no motivation at all. The third surgery is supposed to be scheduled soon to remove the stint that was put in after the second surgery. I am now in the process of looking for a support group for her, but reading these posts, Im wondering if this has happened to anyone else because if she is a rare case then a support group with no one that has made it through al this will not help her.

Im sorry to hear about ur cousin, how is she doing now? Im indecisive if i should get it done or not, my first appt is march 25th

Hello everyone! I am new to the site but I am scheduled to have my surgery tomorrow. I am so excited that I can't stand it. Does anyone have any advice for me for the day before or after? Thanks.

In 1997 I broke my knee and had 9 operations and ballooned to over 180 kg in 3 years. Cortisone no execise and overeating all played a role in me gaining weight. As I am inactive due to my knee , i am not able to exercise as I need to. Diets was a way of life, Vegan, Protein etc I never lost enough to pass the 150kg mark. On the 7th of JUNE 2011my weight was 163.4kg I had the operation that afternoon. Today 26th of June 2011 my weight is 147.7kg A total weight loss of 15.7 KG in 18 days after the operation. I am no more a diabetic! My blood pressure is NORMAL, Iron levels increased! I am more energetic, confident and I feel great! Only problem, I have to start wearing suspenders as my pants are falling off! I can recommend this procedure to anyone that suffers from obesity! I am alarmed due to the drastic weight loss but am in touch daily with my dietitians doctors. BUT I FEEL GREAT!!!!!1

THANK YOU For this comment, it is very encouraging for me. I am in the process of jumping through the hoops, and am VERY scared about the surgery, and hear such horror stories on YOU TUBE, it's great ot hear a postivie experience for the change. YOU GO GIRL!!!

THANK YOU For this comment, it is very encouraging for me. I am in the process of jumping through the hoops, and am VERY scared about the surgery, and hear such horror stories on YOU TUBE, it's great ot hear a postivie experience for the change. YOU GO GIRL!!!

I am contemplating having this surgery also. I am concerned about excess skin after the weight loss. Is that an issue?

I had VSG on Feb 19th 2010, and to date I've lost 65 lbs. You can read about my experience on my blog waningwoman.blogspot.com. Its updated almost daily.

Good luck with your consult. I haven't had my surgery yet. STill on the waiting list. My insurance, Kaiser, is paying for it, but the wait list is about 4 to 5 months after you finish a 5 month learning course. It's been a long haul but I'm excited to be in the final phase. I'm just waiting for them to call me with my surgery date. I know what you mean about losing motivation to lose weight. I've been there too. Even when I lose it, it just finds me again.<br />
<br />
Yes I'm excited and nervous, but I'm gonna go through with it.

I am going in for my initial consult, psych eval, nutrition etc on the 29th. I am so excited about the possibility of FINALLY losing this weight that I can hardly stand myself! I am having to self pay, as our insurance coverage STINKS. (I'd use another word, but I am sure you feel me!) Anyway, a couple of questions for those of you who have had the surgery...<br />
Will I get my legs back? That was the last place my weight could travel to, and I HATE HATE HATE it! The winter isn't so bad, but I want to wear cute summer dresses and can't coz I don't want to show my legs! Leggings too! What a cute look...but not on me!<br />
Is there any website that you know of that we can sell the clothes that no longer fit us? I am a clothes HORSE (no pun intended lol) and I have a TON (again!?!) of clothes that I am praying will no longer fit after this surgery. I mean, I love them, and would buy them again...just a whole lot smaller tee hee.<br />
I just can't wait to have some energy again! And motivation. I have worked long and hard (40+ years) to be slim with no luck! I have lost my motivation to even try at the diets/exercise that my Dr.(s) keeps preaching. I guess I'm lucky though, because my PCP is the one who encouraged me to look into this surgery.<br />
Was everyone this excited...and nervous?

So how are you doing now/ I would love to hear from you. Any complications? I'm contemplating the same surgery .

You sound like me.....frustrated with all the weight loss attempts and now I'm ready for VSG. How did it go? Are you glad you did it?

Congratulations on your weight loss. I applaud you. I am considering the sleeve as my surgery of choice. It sounds as though your surgery went fine, and your after care has been successful. Is their a down side to the sleeve? If so, what is it? Thanks for sharing

Thank you for sharing and congratulations on your accomplishment. I'm 51, 5'2" and I weigh 213. I've been having lots of problems with my health. I really can't make up my mind about which surgery to have. I'm scared of surgeries period. I believe this one has the fewest complications? Can you tell me what the deciding factor was that made you chose this surgery over the other ones? Can you also tell me a few of the hardest things for you to overcome after your surgery. Was there anything in particular that was difficult for you?

I am 60 and also have had many health problems of late, mostly relating to my weight, which has reached 236. I had the Vertical sleeve surgery April 4, and I have lost 25 pounds the first month. The reason I picked the sleeve is that the entire digestive system is still being used (unlike the bypass) and there is no "dumping" syndrome. I didn't like the idea of the lap band because a foreign body is left in the body and you need to go into the surgeon to have it inflated or deflated, plus it has less weight loss experience. In addition, taking out most of the stomach nearly eliminates the grenlin hormone produced by the stomach and reduces your appetitie. I really am not hungry. The hardest thing for the first few weeks is getting in all the water and nutrition when you have to sip and eat extremely slowly. Also, crushing pills and pouring contents of capsuls into a spoon to get them down is hard (can't swallow pills). Other than that, it really wasn't bad. Not much pain. I still can't eat roast beef or steak without vomitting, but I had my first salad today and it was wonderful. I hope this helps you make your decision. Aloha,