Grounded For Life Or So It Seems!

School has hardly been open for full days because of flood damage and so took me some time to get back used to it. Anyway today got into a brawl with one of the teachers over course work that should been completed over the hols. Thing is i did some of it but actually just forgot because of new year chrimbo and so on. told the teacher i would do it by Friday and you know whats the big deal! He has no right to shout at me. told him that. next thing im landed with 2 after school detentions and a follow up call to my parents telling them what happend and that i have a letter with the detention dates they have to sign.

both mum and dad went mental im so mad so what i am a few days late with course work BIG BIG DEAL. Next thing i know they have grounded me for the next 3 weekends and when mum gets home tonight she has said im gonna get walloped!!! told dad he cant take labtop as i need it for my EFFFFFFIN School work! didnt swear but felt like it.

my sister is lovin it BIIIIIIIIIITCH! She is a rite slag face fat arsed COW sometimes. so i get to keep my labtop. but am now in prison until goddddddddd knows when. I HATE THEM ALL RIGHT NOW!

And my sister is of course reminding me im in trouble when they both get back home. not nice and i am dreading it . gonna try to tell them they cant ground and smack !!!! oh an my sister gonna get a punch in the GOB if she says another word to me. no doubt she will be hanging around if i really am going to be smacked. i just really hope its with hand.

hating today. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
JennyRT JennyRT
13-15, F
Jan 14, 2013