It Was Perfect, It Was My First

It was my first time and it happened with the only person I would hope it to happen. I couldn’t ask for somebody more appropriate and I am really thankful and glad and happy that it was with her, she’s the right one. I couldn’t choose a better partner for this experience; although I didn’t choose her…it was like destiny chose her.

It hit me so fast that I didn’t see it coming. It happened all of a sudden that I wasn’t even ready for it. It was so unexpected and was so away from being one of my experiences that I hadn’t set it as a goal!

I asked how are you today, and the next minute I was stroking my ****. I was trying to know what she had been doing lately and how come she didn’t write to me often, she claimed she was busy. Then she shot me with are you having a hard on? To which I replied “Yes, I’m hard and full of precum” and that was it, a message war started, I felt like I was in a rollercoaster, but one way down only. I couldn’t believe it.

She said she was touching herself at work and I let her know that I’d love to be on my knees under her desk licking her *****. She moved to a couch and spread her legs, I told her would pay for see her *****; she told me it was completely shaved and that just pull the trigger, since I love bald smooth *******. Till that time I was just rubbing my **** thru my pants, but from that moment I had to take it out…

I told her I wanted to suck her fingers all covered with sticky ***** juice, are you ************* your ***** right now? And she replied, I actually have two fingers inside…it was like for every command I gave her she was already doing it…

Then she shot straight again, she told a co-worker was staring at her and was on his way towards her…I had to put a grip on my **** so I can control my urge to ***…

At that moment I had to open three lines of communication. One for her to tell what she was doing, two for me to tell her what I was doing and a third one to tell her partner what to do…my fingers was getting really busy, I remember telling her that I couldn’t keep the pace, that if I type I couldn’t jerk my ****. When I finished one msg two more from her were waiting to be read in the inbox…writing this down makes me wonder how was she managing all the text exchange, cuz she was chatting from her celphone.

I hate long stories, so I want to make this a short one, but there’s so much to tell…

His co-worker had become my avatar, just like in the movie, I was telling him what to do, where to put his tongue, where to insert his fingers…told her:  tell him to lick your ***, tell him to stick one finger in your *** and other in your ***** while licking your ****, tell him to bite your inner lips, to pull them out with his mouth…

She asked if I was stroking my **** and I replied asking would you suck me off? Would you let me *** in your mouth? Would you swallow it? And she went yes, yes and yes…I got to the edge two more time and two more time I had to grip and squeeze my **** to avoid coming…but I couldn’t hold it any longer, I ask her to let me come….I was afraid of getting a Hold it! for answer, but she, benign as she is,  told me is ok hon, you can come…so once I got green light to jerk me off I let it go…for all the grips and holding I came so hard, with so much power that actually I could see my *** in the air before it landed on my desk. My load fell down with a splash and making rain drops sound…there was *** even in my keyboard…I told her give me a minute cuz I have to clean my desk, it was really messy.

By the time I came my avatar was coming too and she was tasting his *** from her ***** and told me that in the meantime she had been chatting with her husband too, so he was aware of what was happening, I know this could be true since I know the way she does the things she does, but I saw what she was trying to do and I had to stop her…I’m not ready for a second round I said…she said LOL.

So this is my story. This is my tribute to her. My last message to her was a thankful one, and so it is my last line…

Thank you honey, I’m glad you were my first one. I`m not a cyber virgin anymore ; -)

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Ally: Very lucky me!<br />
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Mitchy: Yes, that's what I call a GIRL!

Awesome story...and a very lucky girl.... ;-)