Had Gastric Bypass (gastric Sleeve) On July 28, 2008!

it's been less than a week (had surgery last monday) and i can already see and feel a dramatic difference.  i actually got noticed by a guy tonight for the first time in years (well, feels like years).

my surgery was akin to the lap band in that it's restrictive, not the roux-en-y which is malabsorption one.  that being said, i can still only eat 1/4 cup of what i can eat at this point.  it's not bad.  not going to tell you i don't wish i could have mcd's but that's my head playing with me.  i actually took my son to mcd's for breakfast and i had maybe 3 sips of his OJ and i was ok with it.  that's a miracle... lol

my father is not supportive of my surgery.  it is so hard because i get "why don't you get off your ***..." etc but then i do and i get crap for it.

my sister on the other hand is very supportive.  she had the lap band back some years ago.  i do not think it worked well for her even though i do not understand why exactly.  she is out of state so i don't keep up daily with her. 

i feel like i've been given a new life almost.  it's only going to get better.

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hi how r u now?

I have a total of 70 pounds to lose. Scheduled for sleeve but wonder w limited stomach, how do you ever stop losing?

hi. wow i have not been here in awhile!!! i did the gastric sleeve because i had radiation therapy for cervical cancer 3 years back, plus a hysterectomy - and it wreaked havoc on my body! it was extremely important i have absorption of vitamins/minerals. that plus in all honesty, i figured if i could not eat the amount i wanted, i wanted to be able to eat WHAT i wanted (within reason.) <br />
<br />
that being said, i am having to find i really REALLY need to cut back. i snack all the time and i cannot keep doing that. i think i have gained about 10 pounds back, so i quit eating the favorite cheetos and went to trail mix - at least i am getting nutrients that way, and i get salt and sweet too. calorie wise it's not that great, but it fills me up quickly so i cannot eat that much of it.<br />
<br />
ok here's the bad - the perfect meals for me now (due to protein and dairy/calcium only) are (sit down for this) - 1/2 a cheeseburger from mcd's (i take top side of bread off, eat bottom bread and burger. no pickles/no onions); or a kids 3-way from skyline chili (ie, spaghetti, topped w/ chili and lots of cheddar cheese.) it's roughly about a cup and a 1/2 of food, which is 2 meals for me.<br />
<br />
but still, me on a bad day NOW is 100x better than me on a GOOD day THEN.<br />
<br />
now i can wear 4" heels and do stairs (not fast, mind you, but i can.) that being said, i am still the me i was before surgery - still dealing with the same thoughts of inadequacy and doubt. i have quite an empathy for larger people because i still see me as 250 pounds when i look in the mirror, and i KNOW what that's like. it's all very surreal. people tell me i am thin. i don't believe it. to me, i'm still that girl.

i am considering surgery. Why did you do the sleeve instead of the other?

Baby girl, you have to do what makes you feel "right". Congrats on the surgery. Dad will get over it.

Congrats to you! I also had the gastric sleeve and lost nearly 200 pounds in 18 months!

that's fantastic! good for you. you have the power to control yourself, it starts within your own mind. have you ever considered meditation to mentally support your physical transformation? it would probably be of great help to you.

it's been 8 months and i've lost 95 pounds. my father now sees this was the right thing for me. now, of course, since i couldn't eat all that time, it's catching up with me big time so i still have to watch myself. some things have changed but i'm still the same old me on the inside. i love going clothes shopping now! i understand now why women love to do this - i never did before. ;)

Congratulations- parent's just don't get it sometimes.<br />
<br />
I have a hormonal disorder and struggle daily to lose weight- my doctor has been helping me tremendously and I have given and I go to the gym at least 2x a week. It's slowly coming off- but all my father could see was a fat daughter- it was very hurtful to me.<br />
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If your sister got it- it's like what's your dad's problem? lol.