West Niles 2006

it happened quick to me but i was able to tell the cdc were i got come to find out 8 other people had been were i was at the time and had it also ended up with it elisha and had went out of town when i became ill the frist hospital kept me 3 days and sent me home said they could not help me because there was no cure within 6 hrs of getting me home i was almost in a coma and my daughter and her friend druged me to my car and took me to the county hospital and told them what has going on they kept me three months when i left a could only walk 10 feet jps saved me all i remeber is so much pain hard to breath to be touched hurt so bad they kept me as painless as they  could and an iv kept fluilds in so my body would not shut down the problems from this is still going on we were able to keep it from my job because i only work for them 16 weeks a year. when i went back to work at tax time my hands would shack so bad it was hard to work i was lucky that my clints would drop offf their papers and come back so they didnt know what happen summer 2007 found another job that had more movement so i could quite phy therepy the after effects are getting worse the doctors know they said its as though i have ms ssd told me no because of my edcation it a shame that the memory i lost and cant find is held agaist me my spelling is so bad i sorry i know god kepted me alive because i have a new road to live at time the sadness takes it toll and when the things you cant do any more comes up you have to look for something eles i wont give up and i hope no one     eles will either  but when i walk outside and feel the sun it over rides the pain the med help alot  but i will never forget the pain i lived through
jinx1963 jinx1963
May 22, 2012