I Had My First ****** At Age 8, It Was Done To Me By 2 Women One Afternoon

When i was8 years old we lived in North Africa. in the afternoons I often used to hang about in the kitchen. One afternoon, my mother was away for the week and my father busy in the office across the courtyard. The house was basically empty save for the cook, the maid and me. North Africa is hot and I usually wore nothing more than an old fashioned pair of shorts, they had longish legs which were also very wide, nothing underneath, no need.The maid was at the sink and the cook sitting in a chair. I was standing beside her. Cook was about 40 I think, the maid much younger, the two were chatting in Arabic, when speaking to me they used French. Cook started to stroke my leg in a casual way, nothing sexual about it I am sure and nothing sexual to me either, though that must have changed without my thinking about it. The stroking moved higher on my leg still I believe with no sexual intent but at one point it was right up and touched my little penis which had become hard. When cook touched it , she giggled and the hand slid further down to my disappointment, but aftera while she must have become curious because she put her hand right up and held my **** and she giggled.  She fiddled with it for a while, I liked the feeling but my **** was also so stiff it was almost painful.
Cook said something to the maid who laughed and came over. The maid pushed her hand down the front of the shorts and then there were 2 hands felling me, 2 hand and a small boys ****. they spoke to each other and thenthe cook undid my shorts and the maid lifted me under the arms so cook could slide them right off. There I was totally naked with my little **** pointing a the ceiling, they played with it, sometomes pushing it down to watch it bounce up straight feeling my little balls. Cook said something to the maid, they both laughed, cook took my **** between her finger and thumb and as I know now started to ********** it, the feeling was great, I loved it fortunately for what happened next I was facing away from them. My legs got weak, the maid held up as cook stroked, then I got this wonderful feelling and I know I was whimpeing, **** shot out of my ****, cook did not stop ************ it though until my ****** was complete. Both women were laughing. The mopped things up, dried my ****, slapped me buttocks a couple of times and put me back in my Shorts. I always hunga round the kitchen hoping they would do it to me again, but they never did.

inchcape inchcape
May 15, 2012