He Lost His Job and His Home

Yesterday I gave in and spoke to my son.  I KNEW that he musta been messed up to come back to Daytona and call me and sure enough he told me that he'd lost his job and had no place to live and that he was gonna live on the streets as if I was gonna say come on over and stay with me.  I surely didn't.  I caught puredy hell taking care of him for a year and 5 months and he didn't lift a finger and when he did finally get a job I was still stuck paying all the bills while he took his money and ran around getting high and not saving any of it.  He was gone for seven months and I asked him how much money he'd saved and he has NOTHING!!!  His father had helped him get a job and gave him a place to stay but my son told me he'd left because his father was military minded and was making him do things a certain way and he couldn't stand it anymore.  This boy doesn't have a thing and he feels that he can walk away from a job and a home just like that.  I know that he wants to come and stay with me again and that is very unfortunate for him.  I suggested to him that he call the Army recruiter and try and enlist and if that isn't possible then to call the job corps counselor and go there because that would at least give him a place to live and he actually didn't want to do it.  He hasn't learned a thing.  He thinks that he can survive on the streets then more power to him.  He had in made living with me and all I'd asked him for was money to pay on the 4 loans that I'd taken out to keep us fed and that he bought his own food.  He didn't want to do that no.  He would get his checks and go tohis dope head friends' house and party and then come back to my home and take from me again.  As I said when he left he didn't thank me for my help he told me that I'd ruined his life.  He can't grasp that it's his own actions and choices that have put him in this situation.  How many different people have held a hand out to him and he's taken it and made them regret it when he ruins everything?  He won't see it.  I am VERY upset at the one person that I gave my number to because if he had kept my confidence I would not have even known that my son had returned here!!!!  Now that boy is on my mind and it's changed my solitude and stress level.  I am no longer speaking to the person who betrayed me.  I didn't want anyone to have my number anyway.  It was a fluke that he got it in the first place.  I've decided to cancel the phone service and that will take care of calls from my son and the person who let me down won't be able to call me either.  I can't trust people.  They keep proving it to me.  I have no idea what will happen to my son now.  There are no jobs falling in anyone's lap here and if he does choose to live on the streets I don't ever want to see him.  I gave him the options of the Army or Job Corps and maybe he'll have sense enough to try and get into one of them.  ONLY THEN would I allow hi back in my life temporarily as he can have a permanent address for processing.  Either way he'd be leaving in a couple of months and I could tolerate him that long.  He wouldn't live like he is if he'd just followed my instructions back when he was 16 and on the downward path but no, stubborn and stupid and look where he is now.  He should have listened to me!!!  What's a mother to do when she has self destructive children that won't get a grip and become responsible adults!!!!?

Comprehensive2 Comprehensive2
Mar 12, 2009