Plastic Hairdressing Capes

My first experience of wearing a plastic cape was about 10 years ago. My fiance (now wife) and I wear planning our wedding and she suggested to me that I should have my hair highlighted for the wedding. I wasn't too sure about it so we decided to give a try well before our wedding so it would have time to grow out if I didn't like it and if I did then I would just have it re-done and all would be well.
It was the first time I had ever had anything like this done as an adult although I did have my hair permed as a child. We arrived at the hair salon, almost as soon as I arrived a young assistant brought me a cotton pvc coated gown to put on, as soon as I put that on and it fastened up my back by the assistant I felt a sense of excitement. She then took me over to the sinks to wash my hair and then took me back to the hairdressing chair. I sat in the chair wearing my gown and a towel around my shoulders, the colourist then introduced herself and explained the highlighting process to me. The young assistant then returned with a trolley with the all the bit peices required to do my hair. The colourist put on her plastic apron and latex gloves and then put the rubber highlighting cap on my head, then she said to the assistant, we need a cape for Mr Scott, a minute or so later she returned with a pink plastic cape which she put around me and tied round my neck. It felt amazing, the highlighting process took about 1 1/2 hour and I enjoyed every second of it, and I still enjoy it today.
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When I went to a salon I had the most erotic experience in my life. The hairdresser lady clearly liked me when we started talking about local theatre and wardrobes for the players. I had said that we needed 50's & 60's clothing & outdoors garments like mackintoshes. Irene agreed that nice macs were hard to come by & so were the nylon overall dresses she had to wear when she was training. It so happened she was wearing a Dinkum overall, calf length, light yellow, which swished with every move. When she put a plastic cape over my lap & shoulders I knew I m ight lose control.

I was very aroused as she set about my hair & became harder very time she pressed against me to reach. I think she deliberately dropped the comb in my lap. When she reached down her hand to pick it up she carefully stroked me & whispered in my ear 'I will help you.....unzip yourself'. I did so surreptitiously. And she then stroked me through the plastic cape until I came.

I was at a female barber shop last week where there are three lovely young blonde hairdressers. I was sitting in the chair as she was putting the "black" cape on me with a white tissue around the neck which she then folded over the neck band of the cape. this took a little time and felt quite tight. so i liked the whole process, just not the black cape.<br />
However, right beside me only inches away was a pale blue kids cape with cartoon characters on it. I could have touched it if i wanted it was so close, and i just sat there dreaming of her putting that one on me. I would absolutely love that and also to have someone else in the salon watching. (female).

I love plastic hairdressing capes. especially the pink or white ones.<br />
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There have been a couple of occassions where i have had the pleasure of having them put on me in a salon. Just devine to say the least.<br />
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I often wonder how many female hairdressers "like" putting feminine capes on a guy when they go into their salon. some hairdresser obviously like them too, otherwise they wouldnt buy them. As most salon use dull boring black capes. But now and then you get a salon where they have lovely lite coloured feminine capes.<br />
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Love to hear anyone elses experiences in this respect.

Do you mean you were at a hair salon with 18 capes on ?? If so, how on earth did you manage that. My dream come true haha

I would also enjoy this activity, anyone know were this service can be had in Houston?