Haircutting Cape Fetish

As a child I never liked getting my haircut. I always used to dread it. But as I've grown up I've started to love going to the hairdressers. The part I love the most about getting my hair cut and coloured is wearing the haircutting cape. I've enjoyed wearing the cape since I was about 10 but I first realised it was a fetish when I was 15.

I went to a new hairdresser as I was after a new style and I wanted my hair dyed black. I went in and they told me to sit by the sink. They put a towel around my neck and washed my hair. They then sat me in the styling chair and explained what they were going to do. The person then picked up a big long thick PVC cape. She threw it over me. The rest of that colour and cut is a blank. All I remember is loving the feel of that PVC on my bare arms. I ended up hard by the end of it.

Since then I have always loved sitting there with a haircut cape on. I own a cape of my own and very often put it on. I would love to talk to others who share this enjoyment for haircut capes.
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2 Responses Dec 16, 2012

Hi. I also got a fetish for capes. I realized it was a fetish in the age of 14 - 15 i think. I got some memories from my childhood, where i was forced into a cape at the barbershop, and later on when i was 12 years old i also got forced by my teacher to take on a blue painting apron with long sleeves in front of the hole art class. It was very embarrassing and i think thats why i got a fetish for capes and painting aprons today. I not for the normal apron for use in the kitchen or for normal painting, it has to be the long sleeved ones, with velcro closure in the back. I have searched long for people who share the same thing. I hope you will respond to this, and maybe we could get a nice talk or something?

I think all of us got our hair cutting and cape fetishes when we were young. Our mothers would take us to their salon and whilst they were enjoying their treatment, we were put on a booster seat, drape in a cape that was too big and smelly and we were given a poor short cut. Either by the owner, who did this to please mom, or the new girl that still had to learn to cut and did that on my hair! No wonder we felt bad and compensated for that when we grew up