Hairdressing Capes

When i was in my teens i went in to a unisex hair salon to get a cut.

The female hairdresser was in her 30's and very attractive.

She ushered me over to the shampoo bowl and proceeded to place a pink vinly cape around me.

Whilst she was doing this she seemed to pay a lot of attention to doing it up tight and fussing over it.   Just when i thought she had finished doing this, she then went and got a white cotton rounded cape and tied that around my neck also. I thought this a bit weird, but strangely enough i was really enjoying the fuss and seeing myself in a distant mirror.  I also forgot to mention that my girlriend was with me at the time and standing there wathcing all of this with a smug grin on her face.  So there i am sitting there with a large pink vinly cape on with a smaller rounded white cape over the top.  I felt embarrased on one hand, but got quite excited about the whole thing.

Especially when the hairdresser kept fussing over the capes and playing around with the neck area and ties that were on the white cape.

Ever since that experience i have had this fetish about hairdressing capes.  weird but that's it.

I would love to meet a female who also liked capes or even the hairdressing scene where both could do some role play and have some fun.  Not likely i am sure, but who knows.

Would love to hear from anyone who shares a similar thing or would like to know more.



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As I may have said in another occasion, in my fantasies, when the big cape, covering my body, is tightly fastened around my neck I feel it as a kind of bondage, being tied to the chair to have my hair cut. ...

I too like the chair being pumped up. the higher the better, especially if the cape drapes down<br />
over the sides and if it is tight enough, when you move your head around, the cape pulls around<br />
your neck so you feel it tight.<br />
<br />
I also love the pump up chairs that have an extended foot rest. The type that sticks right out, and that way when your feet are up on the foot rests, the cape sits out in front of you and over the arm rests.<br />
When you look at yourself in the mirrors, especially if you can see yourself in a side mirror,, it looks great.

Being caped tight by the right guy makes me feel submissive, helpless, and I love this feeling. If he also pumps the chair high it's double excitement.

I love the whole experience, including being caped. I currently seeking a barber or a barber shop willing to chop my locks, looking for short cropped style now masculine. etc COME ON PLEASE

You can email me at<br />
<br />
Look forward to hearing from you

I have similar feelings but for me it has to be a plastic cape, the type they put around you when you have your hair coloured.<br />
I used feel embarrassed when the hairdresser used a pink plastic cape but now I just feel great as soon as the cape goes on me.