Spending The Weekend As A Girl

Hey boys, here is a great idea for you. Since halloween is on a Monday this year, why not give this idea some thought. When you get out of school on Friday, why don't you spend the whole weekend dressed as a girl. It would be lots of fun to do. Get your friends to go along with you on this. You should talk with your moms and get you complete girls outfits and let that part of you live for the weekend. I would suggest some nice party dresses and other girls costumes as well. Just browse the stores and don't limit yourselves to boys costumes. Boys costumes are ok but to be yourselves I really would suggest getting some girly things and wear them the whole weekend. You spend most of your time being a boy in school and activities, so this would be a great chance for you to explore what it would be like to be that pretty girl for the weekend. You are only limitied to your own imagination. You should talk with mom about it saying this would be a great time to learn what is it like to be a girl. You just want to learn about this and maybe it could lead you into more feminine times at home. I also would suggest that you get with your friends and have parties and do everything together dressed as girls. Like going out to the movies and dinner with each other dress up. You could wear a nice dress, panties, hose, mary jane shoes, makeup, ribbons in your hair, and perfume to experince the feeling of dressing up. I think it would be lots of fun to do this. Don't let the fun stop there, you should also have some girls nighties to wear to bed. I just wish you all the best of luck with doing such a thing. Once you do this, your life will be much better after this weekend of being a girl. Your moms will see a gentler side of you too. May I also suggest that you willingly pitch in to do the chores of the house dressed as a girl too. This could be a great way to ask for dresses other than for halloween. You have my full support on this. Talk to mom please.
andreaneejustinfield andreaneejustinfield 41-45, T Oct 9, 2011

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