Nyquil Hallucination??

The other night I took NyQuil, a cheaper brand version, before going to sleep. I had taken it in a few weeks so I do not feel like I was currently abusing it. I only took it because i needed to get a good night sleep and i hadn't't been feeling good. I took it at 9pm but didn't't actually get to bed until 11pm. I had been stressed about work lately which i believe was causing my recent sleeping problems. Never the less i had a dream about work, things were going wrong and i was again stressed. As the dream began to change course I was woken up. I was not aware of what time it was and i was still half asleep almost paralyzed, staring at my room door. The light was on in the hallway. I started drifting off again almost immediately but got the feeling like someone was walking into my room the minute my eyes closed. I opened my eyes and no -one was their and the light in the hallway went off. I started to drift again and once again i heard someone walking into my room. I opened my eyes, still half asleep and paralyzed from, i guess, not being fully awake. I saw someone standing next to my bed, asking me something. I could not make out what the figure said and i did not recognize the person. I was trying to focus on the person but my body was pulling myself back to sleep. I tried to pulling myself out of it to speak but couldn't' open my mouth, the figure continued to stand their almost waiting for a response. The figure looked like a young man wearing a track jacket and white t shirt, short hair. I was not alarmed, almost expecting this to happen. My mind instantly began thinking this was a friend who had came over and wanted to say hello or borrow something. (which i later realized would have been highly unlikely given the time). I continued to be unable to keep my eyes open or focused but i tried harder and harder. Suddenly i turned to see the figure standing by my dresser, almost gesturing towards something on it. As if you ask to take something, i was unable to respond or focus on his face. Suddenly i watched the figure change shape, kind of like a movie. He shrunk to a smaller figure then disappeared. I continued staring in the direction he as in for a few seconds almost confused as to what i just saw. Second later my alarm went off and i pulled myself up to focus in on the spot i had seen the figure vanish. I immediately assumed this could have been a dream but wasn't't sure. I don't remember waking up out of a dream i was awake when the alarm went off. It bothered me the whole day and i started to come to the conclusion, after doing some research, that it could have been a hallucination brought about from using NyQuil. I had never had hallucinations before and i have used NyQuil for years.
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I came across this thread while researching nyquil because i took a dose and it made me a little dizzy and nauseous. I dont know if you will even see this or care because i am responding two years late but your story intrigued me since i have knowledge in this field, But anyways your hallucinations were cause by a common phenomana called sleep paralysis, a condition caused when you wake in deep sleep and your body is still in sleep mode while your mind becomes concious. The hallucinations are caused by the same chemicals in your brain that cause dreams, so you were basically dreaming while awake. I do not know if the nyquil had anything to do with your experience but i assure you its completly normal.

sounds like you could of had a bad reaction to Nyquil you may want to stop taking it and consult a dr.. You may or may not of took the amount suggested on the bottle or you may be allergic to the medication...