I Like It And Don't Know Why

The Woman Who Is In Charge Of My Life gives me her bras and panties to wash. She doesn't do it like a Femdom or Dominatrix would. No orders, no insults, no stuffing them in my mouth (I'd like that), no bad stuff at all. She says "Please" and "Thank You", well sometimes, at least.

 This all started, as I remember it, after she had learned I was a cross dresser and I believe I even offered to do the hand-washing of hers along with mine. (Don't do that much anymore as I generally do mine in the morning and hers in the evening.)

Her undies are not especially unusually sexy. Sometimes purple satin string bikinis, and sometimes cute cotton ones. Frequently the bras are sports bras. In other words nothing that is really out of the ordinary.

I've mentioned that I hand-wash her undies here, on MySpace and I've spoken of it to friends. And the actual act of washing is kind of out in the open, after all they are hanging out to dry in my bathroom.. So,I suppose there could be be some sort of fetish submissiveness attached to this and that's part of why I do it.

What made me write this today was that I smell her undies, panties and bras. They have the faintest whiff of perfume. But this part I do in private nobody need know, it's not part of a show. I really am getting pleasure from the act itself, not putting it into a fetish BDSM "scene". When I first thought of writing this Experience also thought "I'm sick" - am I?

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1 Response Feb 14, 2010

hi! no, you are not sick! why do you think that way? if you find it fun to do, well, life is too short to care what others think! enjoy yourself as long as you arent hurting someone else