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Self Harm

I self harm in order to feel some physical pain which will mask at least part of the emotional pain that I am feeling. I have depression and find it hard to cope with the relentless misery that it brings.
vivalagloria vivalagloria 22-25, F 1 Response Sep 13, 2010

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i have self harmed for 12yrs, it is hard and i fight the demon tha addiction every day so i know how much easear it is to cut burn, pull out or break something rather than face the emotional torment you go through everyday, but try your hardest not to but don't feel guilty if you do just think of it as a blip, best thing that can help, sleeping through the thoughts and feelings, or staying so busy you cnt do it or being with people you cnt do it infront of or putting it off, ill do it an hour, ill do it in two ill do it in three until eventually ur to tired or emotionally worn out