"Attracting & Manifesting True Abundance In Your Life"

Thought is the only power which can produce tangible riches . . .

Our Thought always continues to be creative; but in destructive use it becomes creative for destructive forces, and, since it has its origin in our own personality, we are certain sooner or later to feel its effects, on the principle that every action always produces a corresponding reaction. The Law knows nothing of persons, but acts automatically in strict accord with the nature of the Power which has set it in motion. Under negative conditions the great Law of the Universe becomes your adversary, and must continue to be so, until by your altered mode of Thought you put yourself in line with it.

The law is working for all of us, all of the time, for the
good or bad wether you like it or not. Learn how to use
it correctly and prosper. This lasts a lifetime.

You cannot contain all the good that is seeking you !
You simply need to know how to attract and recieve it all.

Can you do anything about your dreams? Yes -- you
can. You just don't know what. You will know what
and how if you decide to learn about "The Law of
Attraction" and "The 11 Forgotten Laws".

When a person wishes to manifest true, total abundance
he should be prepared not only to shift his mindset
but his very actions on a day to day basis. Substantial
positive changes require substantial inspired action from
the creator. You (the creator) are responsible for creating
your own success.

This means you have to alter the way you think in order
to recieve success.

Every person who is born into this world is entitled to
true abundance. You already deserve the things that you
are only dreaming of right now. You deserve every bit of
abundance/wealth because you are a concious creator and
you also posess the power to manifest everything that you

You have the same capacities and tools that the billionaires
of the world have. The only thing missing is the power of
the "Law of Attraction" as well as "The 11 Forgotten Laws".

So what are the "11 Forgotten Laws"?

  • Law of Thinking
  • Law of Supply
  • Law of Attraction
  • Law of Receiving
  • Law of Increase
  • Law of Compensation
  • Law of Non-Resistance
  • Law of Forgiveness
  • Law of Sacrifice
  • Law of Obedience
  • Law of Success

This, you must learn and understand in order to master your

creation of an successful and abundant life.

The "Law of Attraction" is capable of giving you:

* A truly happy, content life
* Perfect health (or as close to perfect as possible)
* The ability to achieve whatever you want in life
* The ability to become who you wish to become in this life
* The ability to manifest both small successes and big successes--without limitations
* All the success you want--of any kind
* The ability to overcome present and future obstacles in life
* The ability to manifest miricales in your daily life
* The ability to manifest healing in every aspect of your existense--physical and spiritual
* The infinite source of individual wisdom and internal steering/guidance

“I have little confidence in the Lord answering the one who rocks in an easy chair and waits for the desired thing to be placed on his lap. Somewhere it says the Lord helps them that help themselves. Yes, action spells results. This supplements your mental creative process and provides the channel for its expression. Then leave the results to the Law. As you do your part, the Law will do the rest.”

Have you underestimated the power of your thoughts?

If you have, you are probably missing out on 90% of what
you could potentially achieve in your life.

Just how important are your thoughts?

Think of it this way: your past thoughts are responsible
for everything that exists in your present reality. Every
thought that you create and focus on in the present time
will determine your life in the future.

The 11 Forgotten Laws includes the law of attraction and the
principles outlined are discussed in depth. How to apply
and use in every day life is essential to any kind of rewarding
successful life.

Here is one surface basic example: when
you think consistantly these -- "I will always have sufficient money"
-- "I will always have sufficient time" -- "I will always have sufficient
time for the things that matter to me the most"

Every statement above were positive & affirmitive. Those
thoughts will turn into focus and action. Therefore negative
thoughts will find no place and soon fade away.

On the other hand, without fully understanding how the
"law of attraction" works, negative thoughts can continue
to creep in and as a result... negative thoughts attract
negative action. The "law of attraction" works both ways.
This is why it is so important to learn and understand it

I ask you, right now, to muster up the initiative in
yourself to want a healthier more successful life. Get
to understand and know how to use the law on your side
so not another wasted/idle day goes by unsuccsessful.
True abundance is really about positive growth.

This is where I found knowledge to a new beginning!


To your Health, Wealth, Prosperity and Success,

P.S. Take these words to heed: we are creators of the events and circumstances in our lives. God provided us with infinite resources at our disposal; we came equipped with such capabilities as standard operating equipment at birth. However, creating the life that we Desire occurs not just with and through our Thoughts, but also by and through our core system of Beliefs and Values, the Decisions that we make (or fail to make), and the Action(s) that we take – or fail to take – in our lives.

charlesafton charlesafton
41-45, M
Feb 22, 2012