Sad, But True..

i know this is really horrible to say, but i honestly rather have a dude hit me and kick me.. then deal with the emotional abuse =(
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It makes a lot of sense. Bruises fade quickly, but emotional abuse stays with us.

yeaa :(

I understand. I want to be beaten to the point where I can't get up and move, but in the end you have to face emotional pain... :( hate to say that, but it's true.... I'm here for ya! :)

im here for you as well hun (:
and yeaa.. unfortunately in the end we have to deal with emotional pain, i just wish i was strong enough to deal with it, and block it out.. i mean.. its just words.. but, its hard when youre a weak minded person and take it to heart, rather than just letting it go..

Yes. It's very hard to let it go & be like "Ya, you said something, but i'm okay & I don't care!" & then you can put it behind u. A lot of people don't think of other peoples feelings.... I wish they stop & think before they say something. Like, they don't know you or how you feel & they think there superior. I really don't mean to be mean about people like this, but I just wish they would stop & think....

youre not being mean at all hun. youre are just being realistic, and i couldnt agree more !

thx u! :)

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