This Is So True About Me...

I have tattoos and piercings that I didnt flench or whine about, but when it comes to emotional pain I just cant handle it well. I cry constantly, lock myself in a room ususally in the dark and some times I cut to deal with it. Id take physical pain over emotional any day. Physical scars dont hurt half as bad as emotional ones do. I can always take a piercing out and it will heal but you cant just take a bad memory out of your mind and be done with  it.

angelzevil angelzevil
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4 Responses Mar 12, 2010

I hate my self totally, i have made changes in my life to help myself, when you go to bed tonite take a notepad and pen, on sheet put the good things of the day, on the other put all the crap of the day,put the good under your pillow. and all the crap in the bin turn up. then go to sleep.

i hate myself so smetimes its that hate that brings me to it, sometimes it is the tangel of emotions in my head and spreading through my body i just want them to go away!

You're a soft hearted person..that's about it.It's a nice quality but don't let people get you down.

your so right about that, i think when your plagued with internal pain after awhile you become desensitized to external pain. After all how can someone master a high tolerance for physical pain? Constant experience and mentally being able to block it out or go somewhere else thats how, and if your head and heart is in a constant state of pain that your always trying to get rid off then blocking outside pain can be easy. Something that hurts and heals quickly just doesnt seem to compare to something that hurts us inside, especially when we carry it for a long time