Just Need Time

  I wish sometimes I could change the past, because I was so stupid at some of the choices I made. But since you can't change the past, its better to look forward. I held on to the past for the longest and it was killing my inner soul, i felt like I was just torturing myself. After awhile, it gets old and it just doesn't work. So what to do but move on, even if it feels like your heart breaks sometimes. Any way, I am strong and willing to face the challenges ahead. We all get scared at one time or another, you just have to keep moving!!

ambsamatt ambsamatt
1 Response Feb 23, 2009

we all make mistakes,& i mean everyone.a lot of the time we wish we could change our past & leave only perfect footprints behind us,but,i'm affraid that this life is not like that.if you can learn a little from every mistake then you are a wise & lucky man.eveything that happens to us in the past shapes us in some small way,you sound like an honest & decent man to me,if you had taken all the mistakes away you might not be the fine person you are today.