Mxi Corp: Poor Management, Greedy owners?

I worked for MXI corp at 795 Trademark BLVD Reno, NV for about 1 month back in April or May of 2008. The manager that hired me didn't know what she was doing and as a result she was quite insecure. She'd take out her incompetence on my Supervisor, Ty, and lay into him if she saw any problems, rather than offer to help fix them or explain a viable solution to address whatever problem she decided to complain to him about.  I never found out about a problem she complained about that was ever caused by Ty. Most people there didn't make much more than 10.50 per hour. I think the basic warehouse associate made less. They employed about 30 people between the warehouse and customer service at the time.

At any rate the family got a hold of one of the best Chocolate products out there because of it's natural ingredients and priced it about 7-8 times more than it cost to produce. It costs somewhere between $110-150 for a box of omega squares or a box of some of their other products. The boxes did cost around 15-20$ or so to produce at the time for Omega squares, nuggets and power squares.

At any rate Jeanette Brooks mind kept touching mine for many days about 2 months ago and I couldn't figure out why. After being a bit intrigued I woke up and someone told me "they don't want their stock to fall". Owing them nothing, I still wrote them a letter explaining that I could help them to prevent their stock from falling. I gave them 3 ways to contact me and they blew me off. I could do Jeanette's job better than her; her husband's and her son Andrew's job all by myself. This is what I can do in the now but they thought I couldn't help them out as evidenced how they arrogantly blew me off.

Dreams and social interactions on the astral plane are typically for people to see how one mind stacks up against another. I'm sure they realize they're biting off more than they can chew and are letting the greed they've given the option to experience is overpowering them. Let people know about the numbers I give you if you're interested in the business. In addition Jeanette used to rant and rage about things she didn't know how to deal with. Terrible way of dealing with problems. She come in and dram up the office about things that had easy solutions. There wasn't a problem in that company that I couldn't give a good solution to, and my Supervisor, Ty felt the same way about his ability to solve problems there as well.

They use a pyramid scheme for distributing money to their sales team. Yet they call it a "multi-level marketing plan". They pay up to 50% out of the final price to their distributors but the plan is designed only to pay out the maximum revenue on their "weakest side" which forces their distributors to continue to build their business or not make money. If one side of one person's distributors is collectively making 10k in sales and the other side only 1k they only get a check based off the 1k. This is how I recall it worked while working there. so they'd have to grow the business on their weaker side by getting more distributors interested in selling the chocolates on their weaker side. They'd have to get new distributors interested them and put them beneath them on that weaker side to try to even things out. So this is the loophole that they'd use to only have to pay a 500$ check for a person with 11000 in sales that month rather than $5500 check. Grody, man.

One day Jeanette's younger brother, (the guy who engineered the marketing plan) left the office very upset because he thought the distributors were being ripped off and Jeanette didn't want to change the plan.

With 300 mil in sales per year. and low operating cost of their facilities these people have pockets full of cash.

Jeanette's husband didn't like me, I had no conviction for Jeanette and no one working their I knew liked Andrew either. They had a corporate side and an "Executive" side of their building. The executives were right next to the customer service side upstairs but the few customer service reps there had to walk downstairs to use the bathrooms as they wanted the upstairs bathrooms to be executives only (3-4 stalls and a few urinals in each for the men both upstairs and down), so they are the type that insist on a class system. There are good arguments for a class system but I think God demands more from someone like me who can make someone that is small in intelligence and ambition into someone mighty in both through pure inspiration.

Their stock price today is: 59.75 a share. Get the word out. I know it will lower now because they blew me off. I won't keep their secret for them. I don't mind large profit margins as long as the people getting them are generous with their fellow men about how they reinvest in the company and reward good employees. Some business markets are designed to pay well for the best talent and this encourages a lot more people to get involved in them, like pro sports and Hollywood but these guys get fat stacks of money for having little to no skills and that is just how many businesses in the world run. He who has the gold makes the rules and yet I know I could run or represent their company or another better than any of those 3 can; I'd be more friendly, personable and peaceful than any of them and because their competitors don't have as good of a product that fits under "healthy chocolate" how about you go into business with a comparable product and sell it for much less? They don't care about me so I really don't care about them. When I know someone doesn't care about me I usually won't touch their products, no matter how good they taste, and that's where I've been since I've worked there. They didn't want to hire me on for lasting employment but I didn't mind because I didn't feel those were the kind of people I wanted to work for any ways. The reason the manager cited for not hiring me on was just hog wash. "err umm when we gave you an assignment to put together our celebration convention you made a few mistakes and then had to go back and fix them and yadda yadda yadda" whereas my supervisor even attested that the assignment was poorly defined so the errors that were made weren't really errors but were inaccurate values based on what they thought they wanted at first and what they eventually wanted later as they evolved my assignment into something different than it started out at. Then Alexis told me that "the executives don't really like you and we don't feel you're good for the position" or something like that as the "30 day evaluation period" ended. They didn't even have attendance leverage on me as the only day I recall I was a minute or 2 late was a day that my supervisor was also late and he was the building opener so it didn't even matter because we were supposed to be the only ones there at that time in the morning as I recall.

They didn't take my words to heart in my last letter so here's me telling people like it is. Hope the Executives and distributors like the truth from the mouth of someone who cares more about humans than they do.

starting price I recorded 59.75
16 views and drop in stock price by $.99 at 58.76.
78 views and stock price down by another $1.20 at 57.56.
91 views and stock price down another $1.40 to end at 56.16.
Jeanette how much lower would you like it to go before you either consider consulting with me or show me you care in some other way?
97 views. stock price down another $.88 to 55.28. I milked what seems to be Jeanette's last bit of laughs from her. She didn't have any left after she realized her stock dropped again. This happened shortly after 9:35 pm pst. what's 13% of 218 million? close to 28 million dollars. wasn't it worth more like 250 million a week ago? I think that's 31 million dollars.

Any ways I'd ask a cheap fee to fix their problem. I'd ask them to contract me for 10k in consultation, fix their problem, remove the article and send them on their way. Much cheaper than 28 million dollars. But they don't believe I can do what I say I can do. the Divine man that told me their stock was going to fall does on the other hand. I guess success has a lot to do with how smart the people are you take council from.

Andrew thinks this is a chess match.

102 views Stock price went down another $1.15 to $54.11. Jeanette's husband thanks me from the astral plane. Obviously he's glad now to have a component or two of feedback that this article provided. I think his wife has softened up and that's what he's most grateful for. Andrew don't you want to prove me wrong by showing me that you can be quite likable? Likable to the good people that matter that is. I think your key comes when you realize the people that made fun of you growing up were unkind.

Her interaction with me in the astral plane was that I was a harmless bird for her to play with. Bird's can't can't do most anything but fly, chirp and build a nest. I'm not going to give anything free away. It was 54.04 yesterday but rose 1.77$. I don't expect it to keep dropping like it has. I don't know if they brought in someone to help them out with it. It's depressing to think that no one cares to hire a Seer. I can see things that others don't see and talk to divine guides that can see everything. I make claims that no one wants to test me on. It's not until I can reveal future event after future event after future event before people will start to consider what I offer. If I've already asked for your help and you turn me away by that time it'll be too late for me to want to help you.

I didn't want to update this anymore because I feel I've proven my point about "sourcery" and how it works. I gave them a free gift of consultation through what I wrote here, broke down Jeanette's emotional state to one with a better foundation, helped them realize what they needed to improve upon and they've taken a few steps to be more humble about their business. Their stock started to level out and eventually recover. Many people have paid a good or  high price of discomfort when it comes to dealing with me and the emotional restructuring that comes as a result but there is no money in this business. I'm writing this update for Andrew because he read what I wrote about him. Being liked is a stat most people want but more important than that stat is being kind. If you know with your whole heart that you are genuinely kind then it trumps that stat any day of the week. Once you have it in your heart then people can't help but to like you so anyone who hasn't like you will eventually come around if you do this. I didn't mean to put you on the spot but you needed someone to tell you how other people had really felt at the time, otherwise you'd never have the knowledge you needed to begin making improvements. I don't think you've come very far here in the nearly 4 years prior to this article but expect you've made a few good strides in the last few days here. If you don't do anything to defend yourself then that means you think you can win a war by ignoring it. Your Dad's grateful for my free assistance to you and your family but I don't get the sense you're even here yet. Please prove me wrong. Only in a pure genuine way please. The adjustments you guys have made helped you get your stock headed in a positive direction.

When I'm world famous what do you guys want me to say of you? Are you grateful or not? World famous. It's going to happen; God told me he has work for me to do that will place me there and I've known it since I was 19.  This is the card I show virtually no one. You think this is a chess game but really God has owns the board and the pieces and only gives a temporary illusion of victory to people that think he can't complete all the things he says he will.

Because you guys won't acknowledge me I'm not satisfied. Even if you ignore when I come into power commanding the attention of Legions of people will only give you butterflies in your stomach. This is only if you want me to still feel about you the way I have the last few years. If you want this end result then it will come naturally. Just do nothing and enjoy the results. Less effort than Top Ramen or minute rice.  I hope that's not the route you will take because there's a zero percent chance you'll be allotted more than 6 years of that pleasure. Just remember the long term victory is written to be mine. I quote another divine being that said of me "God spoke you". This means he's taken the time out of his day to discuss with his consorts what I will do. He speaks everything into existence. You must remember that he doesn't speak evil into existence. That's a game he doesn't play. If I can grab his attention then it's your best bet that I will grab the attention of all the people less intelligent than him who have anything to do with admiring their creator when I finally take the stage.

Just as a few great people have done, I invite people to doubt me because it is the best fuel to make the best progress in my life. Even if no one were to read this update the elements will still hum louder about the content in it now than before it was written.

The type of "Torment" the truth puts people through is like an evolutionary illusion to those that adapt to it.

*Andrew reads what I write about him the same day. Found someone in a weak spot and said "stop checking" about 10 days ago. Felt like it was Jeanette. Frantic for updates? Can't see why this will be anything less than the last one. I don't care to find out any more information about MXI stock because it's has turned out to be a waste of my time and effort. Helping the Brooks hasn't meant anything more to me than a few hours of wasted time. In life some of us spend time helping people that don't care so in the long run we get people we don't want to spend our time with and a realization how God forsaken the people on the planet really are. It will take a lot more readers than you might think that conclude the Brooks don't care to get their stock to fall again.  If that does happen (and I can't say I know it will because I'm rather uninterested in helping them at this point) then the plunge in their stock will come if the Brooks begin to feel they don't deserve any additional success with their stock. When people with a lot can't help someone with little the Gods don't rejoice in their success. I never threw the Brooks to the Gods. I never prayed for their stock to fall. The only thing I remember ever praying for is that someone soften their hearts up and that was only after I wrote this article. I threw my Uncle to the Gods after he didn't help me and you'll have to ask him how he liked that. It only takes about 10 days of straight and narrow living to grab their attention. Then I get to see who doesn't feel they deserve their wealth. Divine beings from the unseen world will decide if they think it's wise to spend my time looking into the crystal ball for them. They know the next time around I won't be interested unless they promise it will be worth my time.

Update 5-30-2102
Didn't think I'd update this anymore but I'm troubled by what Jeanette is accusing me of in her heart. She's saying I didn't do what I was told. This is coming from someone who never supervised me. Alexis, the Manager accused me of this to cover her own *** when the assignment she gave me to put together distributor information for their conference on a spreadsheet wasn't done as she realized it needed to be done after working it for a few days. She blamed me rather than herself. She gave the assignment and didn't really define how to do it so I had to come up with what I thought would be the best angle. a few days in she adds some stuff and revises how to put it together and blames her lack of vision and responsibility on me. Poor management as I said. Ty, my supervisor will tell you the exact same thing. He told me about how she would do things like that all the time. She didn't really know what needed to be done so she'd make up some basic idea of what she thought she wanted. The woman had no discernment. This is the only point of contention to not hire me on and Alexis made sure to embellish this. Alexis, you don't know half of what it is to be a manager. Ty would be 10 times the manager than her. Literally 10 times. He was soft, smart, capable, creative, wise, good with people and his fellow employees and so on. Sitting right under the Brooks noses they should have handed him the position, but again the Brooks have very little discernment.  Alexis had weak people skills, took out her insecurities on others, didn't assume accountability for what she commanded her employees to do and with her other decisions. Ty told me she had done this so many times to other people in the office and him and then she'd rag on him or someone else for not getting it done. Hire a competent manager that really understands the bottom line about being an organizer and manager next time please. Any ways Jeanette I don't appreciate you sticking that on me. Stick it on Alexis. At 25 years old I knew precisely that I needed to contribute in the way I was asked to contribute.

Update 6-4-2012
Wasn't going to upgrade this but I figured I'd just remind the audience that the stock has hovered around 54 dollars and now lower but I thought I'd add this comment by another ep member sent to me:
"A friend of mine worked for them for a very short time also. Nothing but bad things about that place."
Jeanette wants to grow the organization into a multi-billion dollar operation if possible. Gweneth Paltrow talked to me in the astral plane and told me the chocolate only cost about 8-10 bucks to produce for a box of power squares? She told me this this morning. I wonder if she knows consciously or if she only knows subconsciously? Any ways companies that don't treat people nicely, get greedy, condescending or rude won't prosper much more in the future. They're on their way out. Jeanette wants me to empower her with emotional energy and make her feel good but I won't do that. Wish she would realize how lost she is.

Update 6-20-2012
Only updating this seeing that it's the only way to communicate to Jeanettes husband, who gets uneasy when their stock lowers. Stop saying that I'm lying to you. That's complete bull. Do you think I'm some kind of "Heretic"? Being that you're LDS and think you can grab one of the brethren to tell you who I am, give them the link, tell them my name and ask them what my foreordained mission to the earth is. They know what it is and they will NOT tell you. If you knew you might have a mental break down. So STOP calling me a liar in your heart.. There's a few words I don't tolerate people calling me.  About you, your company and what I learned on the "astral plane" that I've posted here I've lied about nothing. In the words of Elder Packer (also from the source field): "He translates". Also if I fill my mission to the earth just as it was said of Joseph Smith there isn't any way you or any of your family is going to get to your beloved celestial Kingdom without my approval. If I say you don't qualify you won't qualify. So be friendly, consider extending a hand of assistance or get out of the way. I wrote this article to help educate your customers about what and who you guys are. I did a favor for you to take the time out of my day and provide the feedback you need to make better progress as a company. If I can communicate with God or another divine being I can talk to them about whatever I want to talk to them about and they'll let me know their thoughts on the subject as long as I'm ready to know and have built that relationship with them. He can see EVERYTHING that has happened, is happening and will happen. What I learned on the astral plane has zero to do with God's earthly Kingdom, so it's not revelation. It was communication, and the person who communicated it to me didn't even tell me who he was, I just knew he was divine.

Update 6-28-2012 Jeanette Brooks: don't let your husband's heart slip to that level where he wishes me dead. Not healthy. If you want me dead rather than realize a little humility, good will and caring mixed with my help can help you out a bit to get your financial blunder sorted out then the question I've asked about you must be true. Is it your ego or greed? If you wish me ill will that's bad Karma for your stock. You think you can get what you want without caring and that's simply not gonna cut it. If that wasn't true I would have never been given the message from someone who knew your stock was going to fall. I have the smarts and the guts to give people these messages.

I prayed for the owners to realize the need to cut out the managers and other executive-catered positions that were being power mongers about two days ago. Right after doing so I saw an image of someone that works for corporate that looked to his left to see me. He wants to get paid and eat too but he's gotta adapt or get out because any good leader or owner needs to insist there be no power struggles or imbalance of power between owners and employees, and between management and employees. Low and behold their stock shot up. I wonder if one of the bigger players at corporate was corrected or asked to adapt in the last few days. Bernard is the inspired name for the hour so I've written in this update.

Jeanette's mind touched mine yesterday.  I could tell she was feeling good. I figured I'd check her stock price and as expected it's about where it was when I sent her first letter. so after 5 months of no growth in price she's feeling good it's back where it used to be. Hey no worries. imagine if it grew a dollar or 3 per share in that time? Growth and so much more.
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4 Responses May 4, 2012

That company is ****** . Dan Martin is a lying cheating sociopath . Any company that would hire a VP who travells to every rest stop across the country to suck other men's ***** has to be ****** .

Jeanette's husband latest communication is that he's not buying it. I can't manage to buy their chocolate product either. Maybe it'd taste better If they'd grow a heart. Now to find out who Epiclife is...

wow... it is very apparent that you are a disgruntled past employee and mad that you were not hired to run the company. If you are so incredibly good at business and have all the answers it should be no problem starting your own company and grow it into a multi million dollar business as the Books have done. I would bet you are still unemployed or have gone through several jobs since you SHORT TIME (one month) with MXI. This was 4 years ago! Get over it and move on with your life! By the way MXI is not a publicly traded company so all the talk about stocks is hogwash. Get your facts straight then write something that actually makes sense.

so reveal who you are for the audience. A distributor? A corporate employee? How successful? Just a great fan of the chocolate? Be honest. I don't know if their stock is publicly traded. Here's the link to their stock price: I'm not disgruntled at all. I just act on stuff people tell me in the astral plane. I'm not bitter but I like to experiment with concepts and use experienceproject as my outlet. I don't hate the Brooks (not books as you call them); from what I learned of them I'm just not a fan. Why would I get mad that they wouldn't hire me to run the company? I don't have the experience or credentials and that's how virtually all the business world operates in order to be considered for that position. They don't want anyone but themselves to lead the company any ways. All these facts are spot on from what I experienced working in the corporate building so stop wasting your time. I like to reward the arrogant with a fight. I fight against them until they get smart and realize their approach to life is flawed. I believe only genuinely good people deserve to have as much money as they're invoking to have and the process they use isn't a process genuinely good people use. People who are arrogant, don't care or are greedy don't get a vote of support from me. I'm not mad at them. If they were smart they'd show they care somehow to me. I already talked to Jeanettes Husband on the astral plane after I posted this and he says there's no way he'd offer financial support to me. Any ways, stop yelling in your comments. Learn proper spelling. If you try to correct me about something you suggest I should do then I'll suggest that you clean up your presentation of grammar and your attitude about the issue. The only real point you had is that it was 4 years ago. People that have no conviction to defend themselves either don't care, have no self esteem or have been caught with their pants down. Reveal to the audience who you are. MXI stock price is probably on a decline and this article probably has little affect on that. If they help out someone they showed how little they cared for when I worked for them then their numbers will change because God wants to teach them the importance of caring. This is one thing he's probably holding for ransom for them to experience more success in the arena of their stock. I'd just say they need to learn how to care more rather than set their heart on dollar signs so much. I could teach these people thousands of lessons but they don't care to learn so this is the first time I've worked against someone that didn't care with an article posted online so I could watch the effects of my labors. I don't like it that much but distributors give power and glory to the Brooks because they want their approach to be as allies building up the same company. If someone like me doesn't acts as a scourge to their approach, they'll keep producing the same actions and not change how they feel about things like this. I'm doing a favor they should thank me for but if my prediction is accurate they'll fall into the same blunder most business people fall into which is not to give their enemies (or apparent enemies) any credibility so they will likely do nothing. If this article gains thousands of views then they might consider taking a little action. They could accept my experience, although humbling for Andrew and Jeanette and negotiate with me an opportunity for them to get the feedback they need that no one has the gumption to give them. I have such small income so I'd asked a reasonable price for that. They have pockets full of cash so this isn't much to ask and I'd be willing to remove the article and video link to show them I care now that I know they care. <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />
<br />
All MXI products are focused on potent doses of delicious, antioxidant-rich Belgian cacao. MXI-Corp believes that the high levels of natural antioxidants and Polyphenols that are found in its cacao can provide a viable solution to individual nutritional needs. The Xoçai™ (sho-sigh) line, which currently includes nine products, is manufactured utilizing a cold-press process, which preserves the nutritional values of the company's proprietary blends of vitamins and minerals. One unique element of the company's formulations is their proprietary high-antioxidant blend of cacao, açaí and blueberries, called XoVita™. The Xovita ingredient combination is exclusive to Xoçai. The Brooks family, owners and operators of MXI-Corp, have total combined chocolate sales of more than $1 billion. MXI Corp is now operating internationally in 38 countries.<br />
<br />
<a href="" target="ep_blank">EP Link</a><br />
<a href="" target="ep_blank">EP Link</a><br /><br />
Press release: December 2011: Raw Cacao from Xocai Proven Significantly Healthy<br /> <br />
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Adam was born to a multi-talented beauty queen Mother and a Father who, in addition to being a US Army Spy and a Counter-Intelligence Special Agent, was also a highly accomplished entrepreneur. Adam was taught at a young age that, in both life and business, loyalty is a requirement for success. He's had the honor of working directly with his father in several of the family businesses.<br />
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Since 2001, Adam has been involved in the Health and Wellness Industry as a successful Entrepreneur, Broker, Product Developer and Manufacturer of Cosmeceutical products. During his career, he has worked with some of the most recognizable Fortune 500 businesses along with many top international Network Marketing companies. Adam has consistently proven his unique ability to help his clients achieve their goals through creative Distribution-Channel Placement, innovative Product Development and custom Manufacturing. Adam currently owns three profitable businesses.<br />
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Admittedly, Adam was not initially a fan of Network Marketing. He did not understand the business model because it was new to him. However, once he learned that the REAL focus of Direct Sales is to help average people get a taste of entrepreneurial-ism --- with minimal risk and at a low cost --- Adam was absolutely convinced of the potential with Multilevel Marketing.<br />
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MXI Corp Breaking News: MXI Secures "Healthy Chocolate Trademark"<br /> <br />
<br />
About MXI Corp: Established in 2005, Marketing Xocolate International Corporation (MXI-Corp) is the world leader in great tasting, healthy, dark, chocolate products. MXI Corp was founded upon the same solid foundation that the Brooks' family used to build their enormous Pure Delite Low Carb Chocolate company (circa 2000) which had retail sales in Wal-Mart, 7-Eleven, Rite-Aid and Walgreen's of over $300,000,000.<br />
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