Dream With Adam Sandler

I had an Odd dream that I think is among the weird dreams I don't have enough knowledge to explain the details about it. Adam Sandler and I were in New York City or close by and I got to see a date on the dream for dec 2012. I considered it more of a joke at first because I can't imagine wanting to be in New York city for the apparent solar flare that is expected to happen on Dec 23rd 2012. Perhaps there won't be much of a negative impact on the earth or the magnetic field or the temperature of the earth at that event but I can't see myself wanting to be in a place where a massive tidal wave might want to say hello to the city. I can't say any of that will happen but better safe than sorry. We were crossing a frozen river that wasn't too far across. I don't think it was more than about 50-100 yards across. Then we slid down some other places caked with ice. I think he either thinks it'll be a regular winter and that it'll still be the place to be about that time but when we were there I didn't see anyone around but us. Time of day was early in the morning. Then I had a dream that flipped to me hearing someone say "you're going to win a million dollars!" Well I don't mind that but I think whoever projected the part about a million dollars is probably a little impractical. I have no pre-conceived ideas about me ever winning something like that because I really don't bother to gamble or play the lottery. There are other ways to win a million but not a lot other than the lottery.

Alright, here is evidence of a dream a put in the non-substantive dream category because it deals with things that don't really make much sense and feels to be a place strictly surrounded by fantasy.

On the other hand I've had a large number of people try to summon me into New York City over the last 6 months. I say "summon" because the dream state we use to socialize is filled with people that want to enjoy you where you are spiritually when you're there. If I felt that New York was my kind of place I might want to follow up on those inclinations but the truth is I've never really been too into New York City. There is such a large gamete of different people there I can't see it as my flavor, especially with the traffic filled streets, hardly any one owns a car. There are a lot of good opportunities there, no doubt and some really good food but a 20 square foot apartment costs like a hundred million dollars a month to rent. So I'd have to enjoy the compact scene for what I'd probably make so I can't say that's my cup of tea.

While I'm on the subject of New York, Tina Fey's subconscious couldn't help but to react with some humor after I decided to support women who go all-natural with minimal shaving. Later that evening she answered in humor with an image of her playing tennis topless, hair under her arms, enthusiastically hitting the ball as it came to her. Obviously she can't help but to do something for a good laugh. This is also another way of her showing me that she likes to show off her girls when she feels she's in the right company for it. The dream state is a great place for that, as it doesn't affect our minds the same way as while we're awake. If I saw someone's breasts in real life and I liked who they are it might stir up some other feelings but in the dream state I've seen many women topless and I just appreciate their body along with them without it having any sexual connotations. If the person that shows you to her breasts summons you to them like the instance I had in my dream with Natalie Portman, then yes it can get or feel sexual. I just hope Tina is getting enough attention from her husband.

TheTristman TheTristman
26-30, M
May 8, 2012