Christina Aguilera Mad At Me

Christina Aguilera got mad at me. I don't know why, she hasn't told me. All I know is while I was praying I found out that she's quite discontent with me. Apparently I let her down somehow, but she hasn't told me how. Would love to know. There was an evening when she touched my mind but I didn't have a dream state interaction with her. I could have mail her like i have others when they think about me just to let them know they were thinking about me but that isn't too substantive, imo.

update 6-18-2012
I had a dream with Christina Aguilera in it where she showed me she was present for an event or for a portion of someone's life in the past but I didn't remember it. If we were on better terms I could have woken myself up to write it down. I didn't bother to because I didn't think she'd very interested in what I'd have to say about it due to the simple factor listed above.

Note to self: if you want to be an important person in someone's life or dreams, you need to be on good terms with them. When we feel someone doesn't care to much for us we tend not to care too much for them. It is like we mirror build an emotional mirror for people we feel don't want to be on good terms with us at our deeper, subconscious level.
TheTristman TheTristman
26-30, M
May 11, 2012