John Edwards finds my weaknesses amusing

Saturday 5-12-2012
There's a guy named john Edwards that had a tv show some time where he acted as a medium to dead people. whether or not it's real I don't know. On thursday, April 26 his mine touched mine. He was actually thinking about me that day. I wanted to know if he wanted to collaborate together. The impression I got in my mind was like "no, I'm good". I thought if he's legit he'd want to do something to showcase what he can do along with me as a team. We could do something innovative and entertaining using psychic ability. Any ways he thinks my ability to see things that other people is amusing but nothing more than a side show. Who would do a show to showcase that any ways? Only a mentalist probably gets a crowd from something like that. Well John Edwards and I would be working together any time soon. My weakness that makes it hard for me not to get entangled with some people is amusing but I get out of this if I have some good work and focus in my life. Right before I woke up he spoke to me like he was performing to entertain a crowd and I was his partner: "let go my Seer"

update 5-13-2012
John told me today "we're hammering you, hard to pounce back". I guess he has a team of psychics. Maybe he's just referring to a load of his psychic buddies. Hope they use their psychic powers to realize I need a source of income. And I was never trying to pounce on him, just enjoying the knowledge I have. When my mind overlaps his or his psychics I hope they'll learn a lot. When I have little to do I might play some video games. What do they think they'll find, and why make the effort? I'm pretty good at broadcasting nothing. Say hi to me Gweneth!!
TheTristman TheTristman
26-30, M
May 12, 2012