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Posted 5-13-2012 Allison Mack's mind touched mine yesterday early in the morning. She either found experience project and the things I posted or maybe Tom told her about my letter, I don't know. About 3 months ago she said "thank you" to me before I awoke. I can only speculated for what. At the time I don't think we saw eye to eye on some of her personal philosophies but I think right about now we're probably on the same page. The power we have to materialize ideas into writing needs to be acknowledged. When I write about something that's accurate about something the reaction of the readers confirm it to the person I write about. Once the readers mind begins to consider what I've said as possible that person is held to having that perception about them until they change. I suppose Allison was thanking me for writing about her so she can appreciate the impact that it has on her when other people read it. When we validate the place we are in our spiritual climb it helps us realize the importance that we don't fall back into a place where we know we'd be digressing from our goals

Chloe (as I know Allison was on the TV show Smallville) remember the new idea or epiphany that sank into your heart either on Friday night or Saturday morning, 5-11 or 5-12 and see where it takes you.

update 5-26-2012
Allison you looked really good on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon. Tell us your secret. You looked very hot. Spirit kin kind of hot. I asked you later in a dream if this was possible and you said "I can't". Any ways when you're A game it's hard not to find you attractive.

update 6-3-202
Allison shows up in one of my dreams. It starts off where she is teaching some people some things about the metaphysical. It caught my attention. I was about to wake myself up but decided not to. A few moments later I could see her sitting right next to me on the left side of my bed sitting with her arms around her knees. She asked "do you want me to be a teacher?" It felt like she felt trapped into a life a that she didn't want. I responded with my concern: "well, what do you want to be?" She also mentioned something about having 2 girls. I don't know if she was talking children (I don't have anyone and it's not possible for me to have any unless some aliens abducted me and took my DNA to do that). Her face was dark like she thought she was a bad person. Since she was right there and I was attracted to her I directed her to come up to the bed and she did, got on top of me to hold me and she screamed in terror. I must have scared her pretty fiercely to cause such a reaction from her. I don't know if she was terrorized by something I said or said about someone else or is terrified at the idea of being romantically involved with me. It's important that she understands I only give data someone's subconscious wants me to have about them. I'm a big believer it's the higher self of the being that gave me the data saying "I'll need show him this to help me evolve". Allison, I don't think you're soulless or demonic or whatever else you think of yourself and I hope you don't think the same of me.

The only thing I thought odd to share with my audience was what Kirsten Dunst showed me. I can always modify it to something that suits her but she loves sex and sexual experiences and there's nothing I could say that will slow her down. She does what she wants to do and enjoys her adult choices.

Allison if you don't feel comfortable with something in your heart, you won't show me it unless it's in a way that I realize it's important not to talk about it. I say things about people just to see what they do to react to them. I bait people into some reactions just to get them to realize they get to decide what they really want out of life. Read my article with Tom Cruise and the update. Did he technically die? Did I make it up? The point is you won't ever know unless Tom had a NDE or if you were to milk God for the answer.

I'm so sorry for hurting your feelings Allison. Here, I hope I took out what troubled you. I know you don't want to have to ask me to modify something I write and I don't think any well known person thinks they should have to but the difference with me is if I say or do something that doesn't accommodate for someone's emotional needs I can remove it the second that is communicated.

Any ways Allison I think you're beautiful and physically attractive. The body you showed me in the dream you were wearing a light, sleeveless top over your bra, and what seemed to be some kind of night shorts that were pretty short and you looked very hot and it was fun to have such a close experience with you (The screaming in terror isn't a place I'd prefer to leave things). I put people on the spot because this is how a lot of people in my life have operated but for you I'm deeply sorry for that. No one really reads these articles any ways.

Your legs looked quite yummy and if you love to shave them that's perfectly fine. Most women do.

Yesterday I got an image of Allison looking towards the right while examining her left eye. I think she's questioning whether she saw things straight. I think she can see what's right just fine but she's trying to get better at seeing what's not right.
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May 14, 2012