Kirsten Dunst, Behave

Kirsten Dunst showed me an image of her with dark hair and a butched cut. She felt a little weird about it. This was near the late morning, early afternoon.  My audience is so small it probably doesn't matter a lot but it's good to keep in mind. I agree she looks silly as a butch woman. Kirsten you can put your hands on me a little if you want. Like Harry Osborn said: "It'll make you feel better".

update 6-9-2012
Removed unperson-able info about Kirsten. Simon Baker agrees that I remove that kind of info.
Kirsten showed me an image of a gypsy today. I'd rather ask her about that image and what it means to her. Exchanged some energy with her and I think she'd make a great partner in romance. Love to know if she likes telepathy. Got to enjoy a few words from her today but I'm sure I was just talking to her thought field. She'd have to consciously focus on my mind for it to mean anything. I told her she was born to be a star. Pretty sure I also told her  "you were born, then me". I checked wikipedia for her birth date and noticed it was a few weeks before mine.
TheTristman TheTristman
26-30, M
May 14, 2012