Not Gonna Send Anymore, Justin.

JT. I'm not going to send you any more letters. Why would I do that? Justin Timberlake is afraid I'll send him another letter. I can't seem to figure out why I sent him one in the first place. I thought he'd be interested in my "source"ery or seer abilities. I had a few dreams about him and peered into his soul a few times when I was able to see something substantive and told him about those things in a letter.

Justin I don't really like you for the times you got arrogant about the Jessica issue. More important than following through with your engagement is considering her personal health and I don't know how committed you are to helping her have lasting shelf-life on this earth. This will come through inspiring her to do the right thing and insisting that she rise up and make the right choices. She needs a good leader to succeed and you haven't decided to be that. I can only pray you feel to prove me wrong. There isn't anyone on the world I can think of I have less of an obligation to assisting than Jessica so unless you guys get smart she's not going to be here very long.

Like I said I can see things other people can't and you don't even ponder to know how I know what I know. What I know gives me access to being incredibly accurate at predicting things. Because you never thought to use me as a resource you'll be left up to your own power when it comes down to your personal survival as well as those of your family. No worries. People get to reap the reward of how they approach their life. No one can condemn me for not helping them when they won't take the help I can offer.

You refuse to thank me for getting on you when you show times of decreased intelligence. If you dissolve your ego a little bit more you'll be able to experience more joy in your life. If you never show you care to people that you give no reason to want to help you you get less support from who it matters from the most, and that's fine. In the heart winning game in life you won't have power to win the hearts of the people who were born to be high rollers. Not high rollers as far as the world is concerned but high rollers as far as eternity is concerned, which you learn is about 10 million times more significant but only after you leave your body.

TheTristman TheTristman
26-30, M
May 17, 2012