From Jensen Ackles to the Oil Industry

While asleep someone told me that Jensen Ackles was in the area yesterday. Reno Tahoe area? Don't be afraid of me Jensen. I'm not out to get you. Funny thing is people think they can ignore me. If you do It'll work only in your own mind because the emotional impact of a small number of viewers is enough to shut down anyone I write about down. Get mad or put me to work or message me and I can remove the article. I learned that "I'm being ignored" by many people. My article views are an obvious testament to that. My content is poorly edited. I only put well known people on the spot if they do something that negatively affects me.

I had a few dreams about Jensen. About a year or more ago I had a dream that he was quite down to earth. He showed up, opened a beer and spent some time in a conversation. I had another dream where he was laughing about the state he showed me he was in at the time. This was about 3-7 months ago. His body shrank to baby size except for his head. Easy interpretation. He wanted to show me that he was acting like a baby.

Any ways everyone has been in an embarrassing place at times throughout their life but I'm here to help people realize they can produce better outcomes in their life than that.

Consider Gordan Ramsey and how he tears off peoples heads when he consults with restaurants and the chefs that want to get good at the restaurant business with him. Is he really like that? Is it just drama that is for TV? My only astral interaction with Gordan Ramsey happened when his mind touched mine and I asked him to remember to be kind. This was about 1-2 months ago.

But he gets a much better performance out of people by dropping bombs and he teaches how to do better in the restaurant business. Some of his corrections may be a little demoralizing but he feels slop in the food business is an embarrassment particularly when the facilities aren't clean and the focus of a restaurant is too scatter brained to be effective in the market.

I might put certain people on the spot in through a few articles or two because the emotional impact words have when materialized are very effective at keeping people in check. Reminders of components of our reality that not too many people want to acknowledge or are foreign to the way a person grows up to be conditioned are also effective to the planet as we are in a period of great awakening. What's sad is about 9% of the population isn't even interested in knowing about how dreams work, how telepathy operates, how we socialize while we're in our sleep and that our intentions are almost as solid as a physical object is. The overflow from a un-attuned mind can flow to the minds of the attuned.

It takes some of the mystery out of life but it's much better science to keep other people in check. Anyone that wants to acquire wealth should be afforded the opportunity but the feudal lords of the planet keep manipulating economies but the biggest damage that's being done to the planet is done by the great energy constrictors which stem from greedy oil tycoons and other interests that are vested in keeping us dependent on them for our energy needs. Petroleum powered machinery has been obsolete since the turn of the 20th century. Nikola Tesla had numerous inventions that we'd have jumped on had we not had greedy corrupt douche bags like the Rockefellers and other criminals that used their power to muscle our civilization into being stuck on fossil fuels. It's been going on for years now. They've been calling the shots on what ought to be produced and supported and use shady techniques to keep it that way. They've insisted all the rich and powerful provide no resistance to their oil businesses. That means no inventions or politics that inhibit them from redirecting billions and trillions of dollars of wealth obtained through energy slavery. Their counter is a network of corrupt politicians hired murder muscle and thieves. They insist that they be wealthy and only a few talented and ambitious people with a lot of energy get wealthy through their own tenacity and heart get to share a good but generally lesser amount of wealth.

Any ways the citizens of the planet are waking up, realizing there are too many people acting like sheep and that this needs to change. 20 years of hiccups will probably be enough for people to transition into a much healthier lifestyle. I'll be an apocalypse to the few interested and a few of those people that live genuinely good lives will help to influence others into a culture of greater intelligence.

Update 5-31-2012
Jensen tells me in the afternoon on 5-30-2012 that he's capable of a lot more "than that".
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Thank you,very kind offer however my depression is now cured.I noticed your interest/ability in Astral Projection,something we both share,I am quite surprised we have not met on EP before now for I have made many posts on this topic.<br />

You are indeed a kindred spirit.

Hey man. I like the rhythm you use with what you write. I didn't know you had such a kind heart. I have had depression also but I've learned how to get into a rhythm in my life where I don't resort to such a weakened state of mind just by doing what I love and by trying to focus on helping a few good people. I wish I had some work to do in this field. Do you have any way I can help you?