Johnny Depp, Aaron Rodgers, Adam Sandler


While I was dreaming about my power monger brother, Aaron Rodgers decided to open up a telepathic channel. Was he conscious or not? Hrm I bet he's smart enough to be conscious for this type of thing.

So my power monger older brother was trying to get me to submit to his gross will by yank'n on my feet and trying to straighten me out to his desires all the while I ignored him because Aaron Rodgers wanted to talk.

So I prayed to God that he kick my brothers *** until my brother fits in where I want him to. No telling me what to do like he's 15 again, no getting violent about when I challenge him and accuse him of being wrong about an issue. He has to be right so much that he gets psychotic when I call him out on something he's wrong about when he tries to force it on me. The last time was last November and he's 31 years old, I pointed out a few facts and told him I didn't want to believe what he thought about the tide line and how far he thought the water line was gonna be because I knew better. This was on the northern California coast as we were were driving on it as a small group, my Dad as driver. He lost his mind when I didn't accept that the tide would rise another 8 feet and flood a small spot of the coast line. So about 10 minutes later we drive around a small bay, road 6 feet above the water level, rocks showing signs that the water only gets about 2 feet higher than where it was at based on how they were corroded. I didn't bother to point out the obvious as I knew he's not a good sport about it and would prefer to bully me into his point of view despite being dead wrong.

That'll be the last time I expect to travel somewhere in a car together with him for a long time unless he changes. I can't feel the peace I want to if someone tries to manipulate or bully me.

So at any rate Aaron Rodgers wanted to talk. I prefer to work for someone that I understand. He takes rhythm and speed into his workouts and game plan and uses both to put together his high performances. I figured it'd be great to work for him. I asked: Do you have any businesses in Northern CA that could use me? He said "No". I asked why not? He said: "I feel pretty good about me" then "I feel pretty good about you".

Avoiding what I thought his subconscious was alluding to began to explain some stuff I really shouldn't have gone over with him. I thought he didn't want any help because he didn't think I'd perform well enough. I explained he's pretty advanced as a being and asked him if he thought I couldn't quarter back as good as him if I had the right circumstances to grow into while growing up and he humbly said "no". Knowing he may be conscious for the conversation I wanted to bust out my apocalypse character for him, booming voice to give him some real fun but the conversation didn't progress towards that end.

I explained: "people work till completion" alluding to the fact that the most advanced spirits have already perfected their rhythms for athletics.
The most advanced of spirits would kick some serious *** in sports, especially with adequate genes for athletics but their life call entails that they delegate time for other wars, conflicts and sacrifices. Moses, Abraham, Adam, Melchizedek, and Elijah would all be Rockstar athletes and would likely display performances that would even exceed Aaron Rodgers as a quarterback. AR is pretty darn good but even I can see where he could evolve his guard against rushes and other things that would make him slipperier in the pocket.

After the conversation was over I left him with a bummed out taste in his mouth as I gave him a buzz kill in explaining that there are spirits even more advanced than he is and he performs pretty d*mn well.

When people think I'm a woman (as I store up masculine and feminine energy) I just play along sometimes. Acting in the astral plane is a lot more convincing than in real life as in the body it's only convincing if done through a very skilled or masterful actor, which I'm not.

I don't think Aaron realize I wasn't a woman until he had this experience. He might still remember when he focused on my mind, believing he missed out on an opportunity to get to know me by feeling his emotions and I projected back to him in a concerned spirit "but you never called".

Having a perfect balance of masculine and feminine energy enables me to project just about anything I want to into someone's mind. I don't work to deceive but if someone thinks I'm one thing and prefers I be that thing then I just play along.

Johnny Depp peered into my soul about 4-5 days ago as someone clothed in black, like he was at a funeral. How many people want me dead at this point? You must realize what a great opportunity that will be to make me some money as their fail can be converted into a large amount of money as people use money to pay for freedom. I don't judge people as being evil for wanting to kill me, just a bit demented. I make some claims that can take someone who is used to being sensible into a mini stint of insanity.

If I feel he needs to be behind bars then I won't make any deal but if I talk to him and am convinced he lost his mind and won't try to kill anyone again then things might unfold differently for him in terms of freedom.

Jessica Biel has gotten a bit enraged at me from time to time so I hope she will want to cut a deal with me for some friendship eventually. I saw an image of her mixed with Maurice Jones Drew energy. When her energy is the same as a guy my mind associates with holding out to attempt to make more money then I assume that's what Jessica thinks she can do if she holds out on me for a bit. We both know Jones-Drew didn't make anymore money as his team seiged him out well.

My promise is to anyone that invites me to work for them is that they will get financial blessings comparable to Laban, the man who helped Jacob, son of Isaac from the bible.
I can fire up anyone's business just by efforting to increase a person's capacity to generate more wealth. My mind is profit and business oriented. How can I make someone more money, more wealth? Try me.

Lastly of all, in comes Adam Sandler showing me the state of his subconscious in a separate dream. I see him with a bodysuit with female breasts on it, he takes it off only to reveal another. The humor value caused me to bust up into laughter. You might not get the joke but comedy works best when a skilled comedian is convincing enough at making fun of someone who's lost their mind. Comedians dress up crazy, pretend to have quirks in their personality that actually people have been observed to have, and they use their acting skills to exaggerate those things enough to get their audiences to laugh. The best can make their audiences laugh uncontrollably.
Adam has released some very funny stuff, same with Will Ferrell and Jim Carey (Dumb and dumber was a classic). Other comedians have a lot of heart and ability but as movie actors my top 3 are Jim Carey, Will Ferrell and Adam Sandler because they've earned me the most laughs.

So he showed me how hot he thinks boobs makes someone was the joke. One body suit under another reveals that underneath his love for boobs is love for boobs. To complete his act he pulled a larger, obviously fake rubber suit to make his chest look like an 60 year old woman's large and dirty pair to be the final layer of humor that he feels would best resonate with audiences as most people will laugh at a well-known comedian dressed as an old lady.

All guys love boobs but we lose that coveted stat of being "Clean" when we let our minds be consumed by the thrill of a body high. When we feel we have to look at **** or do something more than that then we forget the value of the "holy ****" that can exist in marriage. Hey all the greats have done it: they get high off the naked body of their wife. God obviously supports nudity in marriage because he has commanded men to multiply. The biggest issue with men is choosing bad women to be their wife that don't understand this dynamic or don't want to smooth out problems with their bodies and physical relationship. Men and women a like need to work on it and if one shuts down then it creates hell in a relationship.

TheTristman TheTristman
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Sep 11, 2012