Astral Celebrity Encounters 9-15-2012

Unedited; will finish later as I don't have the time to complete

Jack McBrayer showed me about 3-4 days ago he's a "Shark". He smiles sweetly but this is to cover up some of his more vicious tendencies to act vicious when he can get away with it. Only a few people may have noticed times when he's snapped or gotten gruelingly impatient. Emotionally I hope he bounces back from this comment and learns to uproot his tendencies to want to be a veracious predator of those who aren't as broken as he is.

I'm pretty broken myself I suppose. I think this is his way to deal with the people that treated him unkindly and didn't offer to help him to his successes.
Sharks need help to become more warm blooded. If I were him I'd take up boxing as he can shift his desires to lash out like a soulless predator into a man with a greater measure of physical confidence.

I caught Mr Veloster, AKA Jeff Bridges lost in a stint of flirting with a girl. He said some kind of mumbo jumbo, like he was trying to seduce a hot women with a bribe to wine dine and ravish her on a trip to Cartagene. Yes, he said Cartagene. Hey he likes the women and you won't be able to take his womanizing away from him. I don't remember everything he said because I thought it was absurd, like he thought I was a woman and reacted with his brief seduction attempt. AHAAAHAHA.
One thing is for certain there's some people you can never get to change and I reckon Jeff would die if he had no women to womanize.

*I might add more as a few other things occured recently.
TheTristman TheTristman
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Sep 15, 2012