Watch Some Astral Tv Today!

Sometimes I watch "astral TV". Like a television you can watch stuff about people performing about just about anything like any viewer of a television. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

The first show I watched was about a figure skater that was working on some cool new moves. Gong up for a triple loop she came down for a landing on two feet spun around while bending her body and added a load of other moves that I just couldn't follow. Too fast, too unusual. It was so good and innovative I know it'd get some high marks if executed properly. I don't know who the skater was who was thinking up these moves.

I asked her to repeat the set 2 more times to try to follow it and break it down and I still couldn't do it. Not skilled in breaking down figure skating or dance moves. I guess it was just too foreign and fast for me to analyze it. I figured if she did it a few more times it'd be enough for me to grab the movements so I could tell a real figure skater about it because it was the best set I'd ever seen; not very conventional but all the bests aren't very conventional when they evolve their performance into something new and innovative.

Jessica Biel showed up for the next show. She's tried to have sex with me so many times in this astral plane. She projected me as superman and dressed up as Spiderman. I separated my mind from what she was projecting, not transferring my consciousness to the man in the blue suit. When someone wears something it usually means they're owning an affection for the thing they're wearing. It likely just means she likes Spiderman and wants to 'do' a superman.

And yes, Jessica Biel prefers to be on top.

Next she showed me the shampoo or body wash that she wanted to put her brand on. She showed me something else. I laughed really hard at the Shampoo, clear bottle, golden colored product. I laughed because it was like she was still trying to give me hints as to who she was, like I wasn't quite sure. She showed me one more thing as I recall but I forgot it when I went back to sleep.

I said "Are you seriously telling me you don't know who I am?"

She showed me a poll: 99% sure on the right then 1% unsure on the left. This may actually represent that she's 99% sure about whats right about me and only 1% sure about what's not (ie left) or she feels she's 99% sure of who I am inside and 1% of the time she's unsure. Ask her, I bet it'll click in her mind.

The last bit of fun I'll mention (there was a lot of stuff next to each other) was that of a Girl I grew up with

Candace Brooks! Grass Valey CA from 1990-1998 I was there and I believe she was present the whole time. She showed up, petit body on my right, pleasant hair with strands ranging from gold, blond and brown. We had a brief conversation and she wanted closure about me. I asked "did you reject me?" She looked inward, thinking she perhaps had. Then I told her "I didn't think I had a chance with you", recognizing how insecure and low in self-esteem I was while growing up.

She showed me her phone and it looked like a PDA. I couldn't make out the model number of it because it was in flux. It'd materialize for a moment but before I could read it it'd shift to something else. I believe this was her mind protecting that more private data. She eventually agreed to tell me what it was and she said, obviously encrypted: Q1g101. Q? I don't know but I wager qualcomm because about 5 minutes after I woke up that word came to my mind. 1g = analog, 101 = basic. So she's telling me she has basic qualcomm technology. So CDMA cellphone. She probably lives or works in an area where only analog is available. Telling me these things about her shows her comfort level about me knowing who she is and personal stuff about her. Not very high level of comfort. I supposed this probably has more to do with the idea that she's not versed in dream work or study and hasn't yet broken the barrier of confidence she'd need to break in order to feel comfortable with divulging deeper things about herself. I believe there is protocol to break this barrier: Be conscious to watch your dream with a person and interact with them at the same time and #2: repeat real information about you 3 times. You have to feel 100% comfortable with the data you discuss otherwise your mind won't want to say it. Also, this is just a theory until proven otherwise. I'd love to prove it but no one seems to want to do this kind of work with me.  Having a PDA device on the astral plane doesn't mean she actually owns one. It means she feels some kind of PDA device is what she thinks she wants to possess.

A later dream I was told she has "bought some pills". So she's probably trying to cope in some artificial way. I don't feel shes suicidal. We lost someone that was in our 4th or 5th grade class (can't remember which) to caffeine pills after a few more grades.

I was more entertained by this experience than virtually any tv leaves me entertained.
TheTristman TheTristman
26-30, M
Sep 18, 2012