Dream With Steven Speilberg Michael Bay And George Lucas

*Unedited and unfinished*

Here's an example of how a mind (my mind) can make art out of my own feelings and thoughts. The mystery that remains to be uncovered comes when we see pieces of a dream that doesn't fit our knowledge.

I found myself in a room where Steven Spielberg took to a podium to speak he confessed to the crowd that George Lucas was busy with a new production and that he had been asked to contribute some ideas. Steven got emotional, feeling he may have lost his creative touch. He confessed he thought his ideas weren't as good as the alternative creative ideas that someone else had come up with for the production. A question came up among the crowd: Who says Steven really feels this way? Some tabloid newspaper authored by Michael Bay. Michael Bay appeared, sitting on the left and took to the podium to defend himself. He went on to speak about the situation and when the audience lost faith in him he went on a rampage. Like he had been programmed to destroy he didn't start the rampage until after he had gone back to his seat. He began his rampage, knocking over chairs and trampling some enough to break them into multiple pieces. He mowed over the pulpit and it smashed to pieces. At that point the rest of the crowd decided to bail like he thought he had the power of a great ape like King Kong locked within him. I took off also, not wanting to deal with the guy. When it comes to dreams nothings real any ways, right?

If I escape and he lets me alone I can enjoy the rest of my dream time. Well he decided to pursue me. Kill me? I can deal with that. As he pursued I dared him to try to make a move to make an attempt on my life. As he realized it wasn't yet his time his body slowed down and his intentions moved to a stand still. As he halted the dream ended.

So here are my confessions. I actually felt George might be engaged in a new production. I also felt Steve may have lost his edge, but not to the degree shown in the dream. Steve won't take such an insinuation lying down but if he reads this I predict he may doubt himself for some time.

Well Steve, no one will believe that he has lost his edge. Is Michael Bay a temper tantrum thrower?

I have no feelings about Michael Bay except that I thought it was silly he didn't work through his issues with Megan Fox because it took away from the integrity of the continuity.

Speaking of Megan Fox, she will get mildly sick soon. She turned a light hue of green in the dream so either she will get sick or she has thinks something that is good is somewhat sick. I saw her split into two bodies, her normal skin tone on the left and her "sickly" skin color on the right. I didn't see if she was wearing anything; she may have been naked,  just wasn't too awake for this dream and wasn't paying much attention. This is because hardly anyone takes interest in dreams so I don't pay attention to a lot of them these days. I learned this in a separate dream.
TheTristman TheTristman
26-30, M
Sep 24, 2012