Truths About The Sex Power.

Keeping Celestial circuitry in tact: A fundamental to divine sex.

To keep your spirit kin get married to have sex. If you don't you risk losing them.

Why is marriage so important? because it was designed to keep families clean. Without it we'd be unable to evolve past the spirituality of any animal.

Marriage is the protocol used so that a family can be conceived and developed without anyone's heart getting hurt.

Once two people they determine they love each other a lot they get to abide by this protocol to ensure their eternal relationship lasts.

They could even get divorced and remarried to have sex with someone else and still be within the realm of this protocol.

People that don't have any sex are usually pretty uptight or boring or just innocent but once they figure out how much pleasure is at stake it's hard to not be motivated by it, as any natural creature is.

And this is where the trouble always starts. Fornicate and you'll likely have the glue loosed that bound you to your spirit kin.

The sacred electron: People able to contain the electrons they collect and product over time sustainably (within their cells) are people that generally have greatest measure of physical and mental strength to do whatever work they engage in.

Following the protocol used to have divine sex leaves people able to preserve their collection of electrons. Every pure reward we get in life centers back to the intentions entangled with the decision we made. Non-toxic pleasures have clean enough intentions to avoid soul destroying entanglements and electron sappers.

Entanglements with what? With that anti-energy field that negates your qualification to operate at full power. This is why sexual mischief can leave the body, soul and mind drained for multiple days, depending on how deep you get involved.

People like to experiment and do all sorts of sexual things and I say go for it but make sure it fits into the equation that leaves you empowered afterwards.

I'm sure there are intentions that are quality enough for people to enjoy all kinds of sexual experiences but the intentions in your heart are always entangled with your actions so make sure they qualify you to be clean.

People either have very open or very closed minds about sex as a result of how each human approaches what he wants to get out of life.
Of the things I haven't experimented with and can't say if there are good enough intentions to govern them I made a list.

I wanted to start with the things people think aren't clean and 'conject' why.

First off Paul said "the man has no authority over his own body but the woman and the woman hath no authority over her own body but the man"

So with that said let's start with the taboo:
Can a man give his wife 'authority' to **********?
What about ****? People love **** like art and think there is some value in it if it can be watched responsibly.
Can **** be used to educate people how to enjoy sex more?

Can sex ever edify if it involved more than husband and wife, even if the others involved are just watching?

Or is sex just one of those things in life that's is one of the few things to enjoy exclusively with your spouse?

The way I approach it is I like to keep an open mind but I never suggest people do anything to lose their spirit kin. That means don't involve sexual activities if you're not married to who you're having sex with.

There have been times when a man or a woman couldn't procreate with their spouse and they want genetic offspring. So a man has to get divorced from his wife, let his former wife have sex with the guy and then get remarried once impregnated?
It appears to be viable but not something very many people would be comfortable with. A man calling upon another woman to bear his child because his wife can't conceive also.
Or could the woman that had to remarry actually be married to both for that period of time?

Most successful humans do what they think best to keep focused and being cautious not to get burned by the sex power is something that ever smart person I know tries to conform to high enough standards to not leave anyone hurt in the long run.

I wish I could come up with some viable answers to the above conjecture but all I can say is proceed with caution. If you really want **** to be something had among the righteous and clean then consult God first. You won't get an answer unless you're very persistent and for some things silence may be the answer because at the top of his list is to evolve you into a perfect being and no being is perfect without discipline and loyalty to the rules of that game that help encourage that evolution.
TheTristman TheTristman
26-30, M
Nov 26, 2012