Hi 'c-brilities' Here's Today's Astral Fun.

So someone had a cow very early this morning before I wrote this (about 2-3 hours ago or more) and it's 5:15 AM PST. How well known is this person and will they confess it?

Justin Biebster is a loyal guy to his friends. As an 'astral' pal I was amazed to learn that he'd stick with me even if some people thought it'd be cool not to.

Alyssa Milano: Do you want to see me develop my music skills and become world renown almost over night?

Let's see.. how does the saying go? I don't give a ____. Well Alyssa Milano does give a ____ and I saw it with my crystal ball about hrm... like 10 months ago.

Bruce Willis thinks some of the things I say are quite controversial. Lol.

I just need a piano and a job...

Piano in a new place to stay... hrm maybe I'm pushing it too far.

And yes, I'd have a job if my car didn't break down.
TheTristman TheTristman
26-30, M
Nov 26, 2012