Astral Clues And Cesar Millan Dream

Someone told me that I went by this number many times (like 6 times or something): 610, 520 Vegas. How, when and where? In their dreams, the astral plane or at some other time? Sometimes we get clues that we may be very close to understanding on the astral plane and they take just a little effort to understand. Other clues might take years to finally make sense, depending on your knowledge and time vested in trying to understand it.

As you learn more during dreams, the degree of difficulty often increases for some of the more obscure puzzle pieces. I'm stumped on this one so here are my notes.

Add 610 and 520 together and you get 1130, although I don't think this is the answer. I think it has more to do with the number 7 and a set of 3. 7 is broken up into 3 numbers on each set. The descending order might indicate decline(or not). I'll think about this more until I can derive meaning from it.

Another clue was "oba". There was something else written before it. I know OBE means out of body experience. Perhaps OBA = out of body appearance. I've heard about it and it appears to be very rare but some people have managed to either die and leave their body and go somewhere else before resuscitated or were asleep and astral projected to someone else in their spirit body, like a ghost.

Just some things to think about so on to the next story...

So Caesar Millan popped into my dream. I showed up right after he had been at someone's house he felt was quite low energy. At that point I realized an opportunity to plug my feelings about having to deal with those kind of people: No thank you. I don't like to deal with low energy, emotionally taxing people and I could feel he felt the same way.

He mentioned something about intimacy but I can't remember the words that became before and after it.

He walked out the door to the left down the street and I followed

I asked him if he knew who I was and he said "yes".
I asked him if he consciously knew and he said
"I got a 'transmission'". At first I thought he might have said "I got a text message" because he was talking quite softly.

His head shifted a little into what looked rather brontosaurus like. His neck was pretty long and i felt he could probably extend it at least 8 inches. The hue of his skin looked a little green, also.

I'd like to know his feelings on this as I'd wager either he'd an ancient vegetarian (long time) or has something else he considers about himself similar to a dinosaur.

The dream ended and he gave me a few more clues about himself as well as thoughts about me in images and telepathy.

One of the things he said was "you really are chi-able".

Another thing I saw him do was try to pick up a large deer and he stumbled while trying. Whether this has a connection to hunting for a 'dear' or something else, I'm sure he'd know.

Another weird clue I got that I'm not sure is connected to Caesar that may be was this statement "I'm 19". Right before it I saw a -9 like 28 - 9 = 19. Or perhaps something significant happened to him when I was 28 that had a correlation to an experience I had when I was 19.

The last thing I saw was him in a pit probably about 8-10 feet deep. He had thrown himself in it with some of his other belongings like he felt he deserved it.

I saw a number 1 flash at me a few times with an image of his son in it. The 1 flashed towards the left. When I consider his reaction to what I think this means I could feel him get uncomfortable alluding to idea that he doesn't want to fall out with his son or be on bad terms with him.
TheTristman TheTristman
26-30, M
Nov 28, 2012