Thomas Monson's Bout With Reincarnation

It happened today! 11-28-2012. This afternoon. He believed this for a moment at about noontime and thereabouts today, PST!
This is a man that doesn't come from this school of thought.

As I read his energy field his future outlook got bleak, I could tell he wished he could be having a bit more fun to take his mind off of what he was experiencing.

Then Elder Eyring's reaction to this came, also on the astral plane: Doctrine of Devils!

So let me tell you a bit how this began to materialize.

1 day I focused on the spirit of George Washington. I couldn't really connect to it but I got an image of him in a feast.

About 4 weeks ago I was meditating, experiencing "universal consciousness", feeling like I was out in space among the stars and then Monson shows up, eating like he was doing some feasting of his own. By vibration I could tell he was loving himself some kind of pot roast and I think some rolls to go with it. It was quite late in the night, at least 10 pm PST and perhaps as late as 1 am.

Right after his mind touched mine and I had been focusing on him for a bit the corpse of George Washington started to emit energy, like it wanted to join Monson. Out of nowhere I could feel the decay of George's dead body come up through the energy field of Thomas Monson. The energy field of a dead body feels about as low energy and decadent as you can imagine.

Later I looked at a photo of Thomas Monson and George Washington and one was a dead ringer. Looked very similar. The photo is here:,r:15,s:0,i:198&tx=39&ty=93

Since the time of this 'astral encounter' I've noticed how perfectly Monson can contain the spirit of George Washington and a few times I thought it possible that the same spirit that was in George's body now inhabits Thomas Monson's.

Is it true? Who knows. At any rate he had been focused on me a few times after I wrote him, (asking if he could provide any assistance to me). Job? Know someone that can give me one? Someone that can invest in a mining company or anything close? I hoped he might have had an answer for me.

He didn't get back to me but touched my mind many times after that so I knew he felt there was a needful reason to interact with me (at least on the astral plane).

The problem with multiple lives is people will use it as a vice to do whatever they want. Many people that have had many challenges don't want to invest in it because it will cause them to have a very bleak outlook on life, considering they will have to come down again to such a depressing world, especially when they have knowledge of the other places they can be.

Any ways, I can read just about anyone and Thomas Monson was holding me accountable for his difficulty as he comes from a school of thought that doesn't consider multiple lives possible.
TheTristman TheTristman
26-30, M
Nov 28, 2012