Reading Dignitaries And Some More Astral Socializing

Someone gave me the permission to marry Newt Gingrich this morning on the astral plane. So is he going gay, think I am or did the person that asked it think I was a woman?

Either way I don't think he is gay but I can tell someone thinks he wants another wife.

Prince Charles of Wales showed up again about 2 days ago not sure whether or not he should be comfortable with the knowledge I have. He spoke a few words, not sure where he should stand as an antagonist or skeptical. I didn't write them down and I can't remember what they were, I can only remember the spirit with which he was communicating.

There was a few moments where I couldn't hear anything and then I heard the word "hitman".

I imagined the worst and came back at him and said "go ahead".

He paused for a few moment and decided there was no need to send a hitman, he'd send some **** instead.

If I got a **** from Prince Charles imagine how much it'd be worth on ebay. A lot. Would I sell out or destroy it? Right now I'd probably sell out being that I'd probably get 1-30k for it. Just make sure who buys it knows its authentic. What they do with it would not be my problem. If they wanted it to retain any worth I'm sure they'd keep it in the laminate.

I guess he thinks I'd look at it. Someone else said "Keep them evil" a few days prior, alluding to the idea that no one can really be that powerful if they are engaged in evil as evil destroys moral strength and to manifest divine power a person must refrain from corruption for a long period of time to generate the type of energy to impress the heavenly hosts.

Marie Osmond dropped by recently. Being kind and considerate she dropped by to show she cared. All was fine and dandy until I clamped down on her energy field and she began to panic, reacting like I was hurting her.

To those that think energy-field manipulation is all in your head you'll have to re-think that idea because anyone with much knowledge about this stuff knows that entanglements can sap your moral strength and the most difficult entanglements come from other people that think they need to come down on you for some reason.

If I came down on Marie it'd be because... she should take Kung Fu! Or some other martial art that would make her tough.

Someone put Charlese Theron's name on my mind. I actually forgot what she looked like so I googled her to make sure I had the right face to the name. I read on her wikipedia page she refuses to get married until gay marriage is made possible. Why? Their parts don't even fit and they can't even make a baby together. Marriage is about developing a child in a God-supported way.

There were a few more appearances and I hope to write them down later.

TheTristman TheTristman
26-30, M
Nov 28, 2012