Yea, Ok. To The Nfl Network And Beyond!

So many people want to see a man fail before he has yet the chance to speak.

Let's talk a little about some NFL and NFL network people and then bring things full circle with a few more examples.

"I know what you do!!"

So do I!! I know what I do also.

From time to time a few people have felt awkward about what I write about or who I am.
Lindsay Soto this morning?

To those that think I'm crazy, don't worry about what you don't understand. You never know what I'm meaning to communicate unless you ask. The study of the metaphysical is the study of how your energy field interacts with mine and the study of what's really in your heart.

George Lucas hasn't understood this nor why I'm trying to get a few mites of support. And he has felt I'm a bit crazy. Life goals folks, life goals. I'm just trying to prove a point and cross off a goal. With the right opportunity I'll be able to sustain myself financially and I'll get off all your backs.

Don't get mad that I'm lifting the curtain because someone's gonna do it eventually and find that you forgot to put some clothes on.

If you say I lie, about what? Challenge me and what I've written before you call me a liar. I got people buzzing buzzing indicating that I am one but I haven't had one direct confrontation and not one thing has been pointed out.

Justin Bieber has felt a little too-faced lately. I make one statement about his subconscious and his conscious mind does something else to disprove it, as is the case with many people.

Surrender to what you're feeling if what you're feeling is good, folks.

I Also had a dream with Coach Mooch. I had just finished giving some help to some people and could feel some serious energy filling me. In real life I'm 6'2" and can barely dunk a basketball on a good day.

After I was done donating some time I decided to leap up and touch a branch, high up between 2 trees. Not only to I hit the branch, I jumped a whole 2 feet above it. I jumped 13-14 feet clear up into those branches, sailing 70 inches in the air. I landed like a bird. I thought "man, this is some time to film some dunks". I went and collected an African guy that hadn't been standing too far off. He was filled with the same energy and I could tell he loved being immersed in the same energy and jumping a full body length into the air also. I knew that few could appreciate jumping as high as either him or me. I went to find some water to replenish my fluids before starting only to see a familiar face at the bottom of the stairs. Mooch!! There wasn't a drinking fountain in sight but there were several large 5 gallon water dispensers, all were empty except one that was a little less than half full. About to check to see if the water was any good Mooch flagged us to stop, while he checked the water to make sure it was safe to drink. It had been left out and rained on and I think he suspected something strange had been done to it. He took a sip, waited a second and then took another... still not completely convinced the water was safe to drink he took the final sip, faced towards the right and smiled like he had had a laugh or two he wasn't about to surface about something someone had done to some drinking water. The dream ended there so I didn't have the opportunity to lay down some sweet dunks. So read on and I'll make some more on here.

Moochy Mooch. Sub sandwich for lunch?

And for an Astral vs reality segment:
Today Samuel L Jackson was feeling a bit white. "I'm white" he said indicating how he was feeling. We all have our black and white moments, and RG3 agrees. As far as ethnicity is concerned, sometimes we want to feel like an African and other times we don't. Life's a balancing act and any African knows he can't spend all the waking moments of his life "feeling black" or African. You have to take a break from Rap and Basketball or whatever it is to get another flavor or perspective about life, even if it's nerdy, plain or just different.

In the astral plane a light skinned person often turns black when they do something 'black'. That's not African Black, it's black black.
Some scandalously dressed woman tried to take away from me something about my piano playing, claiming one of my best performances for herself and then walked off with it. Symbolic of it was a laminated certificate indicating the measure of the performance. As I saw her skin get dark I ran up and asked for what she took from me back. She surrendered and when she did her old skin tone came back.
As for reality it's just the shade of your skin and beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

As we evolve all of us are in flux and some times we're just not in the mood for the same thing and feel the need to change things up.

For Solomon Wilcock lately it's about the toys. Gotta have something to enjoy. Not a bad idea.

Straight from the astral plane Someone told me Matthew Stafford "has a...." and they were about to say hybrid but decided on saying '******-type' vehicle instead.

And For many others, it's about thinking they can't do anything about things as they are. I saw one young womans gas bill, all stuck on one bill. It was 349$ or so. That means gas for transportation and whatever other petroleum products she uses. That's way too much for a college student and way too much for many other people.

She said right in my face she thinks the petro companies are scamming us. And they are. Not just the prices, but the technologies. By keeping us stuck on the technologies that use them.

After the dream visuals ended I told her "today is the day you learn about the alternatives"
speaking back to me with telepathy she said "No, I can't really do anything about it".

I was persistent and began to ask her a few more times with please and then again with another "please".
Learn about Zero-point energy and over-unity technologies. Learn about magnet powered generators. Learn about John Searl. Even consider Solar power. All these inventions can make the combustion engine obsolete and provide free (or nearly free) power except the fixed cost you pay for the generator which won't be more than a combustion engine unless you pay for some high end stuff and consider we're only at the tip of the growth stage for these technologies.
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Nov 29, 2012