It's A Small World Afterall. Why Help?

It's a small world After all. It's been estimated that there are only about 7 people that know someone who knows someone who knows a person you have heard of or seen in a photo.

I've know my Uncle, who has met Mitt Romney who has met Kid Rock.

There's only 2 people between me and kid Rock when I trace who has met who.

There may only be 7 people between me and any random African bushman or semi-nomadic sheepherder from Tibet.

One day Vince McMahon picked up his PDA and tried to access his WWE ringside content. He couldn't get to it. So he let one of his assistants know, who called his phone company (which would later be branded as at&t mobility). I answered the call, walked the assistant through the steps to program his device and then bam! He was then able to access the WWE ringside content he wanted to take a look at.

I remember being a little timid and almost afraid to talk to him, thinking they might put him on the phone. I was so out of touch with what a "celebrity" was that I thought them sub-human.

This was a snapshot of my life during about late 2006 or early 2007, as I recall.

About 3 years later I got a call from a writer and helped him sort out his connectivity to his DSL internet that was failing. He was independently wealthy, elderly and had been a friend of Dr. Seuss when he was alive.

Another time I got a call from a lady that worked right across the street from Clint Eastwood's office. She took the time to explain how she had met him and spoke with him at least a few times and admired how he had helped many young emerging actors with work to get started and recognized as actors. I could tell she was brimming when she spoke about how kind he was to her and glad to have been acquainted with him.

I've glad to report all the positive stories people have had with people that became famous for whatever reason their industry provided opportunity for.

In total, all of us that want to reach the measure of greatness of the creator must work for someone else to accomplish this. Everyone has been a servant in one way or another. Some more nobly than others and some less so.

The works of God go hand in hand with peace and care, empathy and lasting power.

At the end of the day we must value how we treat people when they are in need and not be sick and turn them away. If we can help, we must do something.

And remember that man named Jesus Christ? Yeah. He used his fame to draw all the people of the earth to him to teach them of his Glory.

Unfortunately most well-known people don't use their recognition to teach things anywhere near as potent.

Don't be hard on yourselves if you haven't. It's probably because you don't know much about what he represents and stands for as a divine being.

Get educated about it. It's simple. Help those in need. In a recent interview Tim Allen said something very close to "I know giving away money doesn't help anyone".

The issue with giving money away that everyone with sense has comes down to 1 simple concept. Respect. "Will the person respect it as much as I think he ought to?"

Set stipulations for it, give someone work opportunities for it, so on and so forth.

What about the people that don't keep their word? Well the order of heaven is to say and do. Get me to commit to doing something and I will, just as anyone ought to in heaven.

Set stipulations for it also so that you ensure the person is governing themselves properly afterwards. Everyone should be able to experience joy who is willing to contribute and contribute consistently.

When I apply for many jobs I'm well qualified for and get zero, then what does it mean? it means I gotta keep trying. I gotta take every good opportunity to try to pay the bills. I gotta ask for help.

The people that don't help won't interest me unless they change their mind about it.

"Hey, we need a mountain mover and apparently they're quite rare" Well it's my birthright to become one. I am one of few built to handle the rigors of doing 2 things: overcome weakness and sin & 2: have a high enough endowment of faith to do it, holding the first thing is accomplished.

#1 hasn't come to fruition yet so no one believes me I've been sent to do #2. Except Obama, it appears. I've given people the tools to know it. They can talk to my subconscious and confirm it. If that's not good enough then talk to God to confirm it. Get me working doing something I love.
Customer service, clerical work, and writing work best for my schedule and I can accomplish them at top of the mark quality. Physical labor is something I prefer to do only about 10-20 hours per week because it's not something that puts me in the best state of mind to do what I do best at the moment, and that is to teach. In this world people only want folks that are tested and proven at something. They want experts and masters at things. They want proven winners to emulate. Help me get into position and I'll make it worth your time.

Last but not least I will say I hope not and prefer not to single anyone out. I prefer to speak kindly of people and say positive things of them because positive vibrations can help a person to evolve. Focusing on their weak times doesn't help them much. Unfortunately if I were to say things as they are there are a lot of people still holding on to their "sh*t" that I have reached out to. I have seen many people unable to make a bowel movement or are holding their fecal matter in their hands. I'd see neither if they "gave a sh*t". In all reality we make the symbolism and I get to see it in prime and pristine order on the astral plane. If they gave a sh*t I'd no longer have to witness them in either position. Here are the names of a few. I bleeped out most of their names as to not single them out entirely: M _ _ _ G _ _ _ _ t. _ O _ C_ _ _ _ _ . A_ _ _ _ _ M _ _ _ _ _. One is not famous and one I wrote saying she did care to help her out of her current slump to see if what I wrote would help to change her.
TheTristman TheTristman
26-30, M
Nov 29, 2012