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Some people believe that when you're dead, you're dead. That's the end and there's no more existence. Sounds rather bleak for a universe to create a person only to extinguish its fire not many years after its inception. When we consider a function of the universe to create and perpetuate life why then is there no purpose other than for observation by other finite conscious beings only during the time they experience their consciousness. Lights on!
...Lights off! Seems kind of psychotic and meaningless for the long haul.

When we consider the functions of a more meaningful, lasting equation for consciousness the mind considers a longer period of existence than a few mere moments or decades or even a century of time, depending on the length of your life.

Being in the business of the study of the metaphysical for many years I can't deny the phenomena I have observed through something as esoteric yet simple as telepathy.

Just yesterday I spoke with Tom Welling about some of his seasons on Smallville telepathically in between sleep. He was excited to discuss a few with me. I watched virtually all the episodes of Smallville as the series progressed. It was one of the few shows I followed. I mention this because telepathy goes on and on and on for people aware of its function, with the living and sometimes even the dead.

As I studied these things I learned that telepathy is just a function of communication from one being to another and its unique per the energy field of the people speaking to each other. This happens regardless of who is awake or asleep or listening in on the conversation.

I've had a few visitations by dead people I knew while they were living after their dead. In order for this to be something more than just a projection of my mind, the science about telepathy I believe in must hold its own water.

I'll discuss a conversation I had with someone named Erica. I had been sleeping and woke to an energy field of a person I felt wished she could control me. This didn't surprise me because Erica seemed to wish she could control me after about 2005 or 2006 for a little bit of time. We had a connection, she was super hot, but she didn't want to play anything more than games with me so I began to avoid her. She ended up getting married about May or June 2007 and died about
January or February 2008 with cancer, after having given birth to a child that was born a bit pre-maturely.

I wished things went a little better because it's no treat watching someone die so young. She was about 22 or so when she died.

There is a stage between dreaming and being awake and this was where I interacted with her energy field. I heard the name "Erica" but I couldn't tell who said it.

I began conversing with Erica a few moments later but it didn't sound quite like her. I didn't know why but it seemed like there was energy entangled with hers that wasn't her own or she had lost touch with her identity or forgotten who she really was.

I asked her several things but only remembered a few. I wanted to know what it was like where she was. She mentioned about how she felt like an ant once her veil was removed. I don't know if it was removed all the way but I reckon her awareness of everything multiplied incredibly.

Still speaking in a voice that was a bit obscure to me it felt like she finally began to speak in her own voice as she began to fool with me, making a joke about stalking.

She said her husband had been stalking me after she died. It didn't make much sense to me at first. Perhaps a few people are jealous of me but I can't understand why he'd be. I finally bit on and responded "are you serious?" She said something like "ummm... no."

I thought that was pretty hot, her having a sense of humor and all. I never got close enough to realize she even had one. from time to time her energy field has touched mine in the waking moments of the day, and this is when I felt her presence. I just felt it and just kept doing what I was doing.

So I put into her heart an idea that she was married to me (like it was an alternative universe) and she let it sink in for a bit and then I heard her scream.

This amused me quite a bit so I figured she must have been scared by the idea of getting with me, probably because I avoided her so much. If for another reason, I have no clue.

After that she lightened up a bit, realizing that I thought her reaction to that was hot, a great reaction, almost Moviesque. I had wondered why she showed up the several times that she had after she had died but I suppose it was because she still had some unfinished thoughts about me and wanted to know a little bit more about me.

Why did she sound like someone else at first? I had someone tell me about a year and a half prior that she was in limbo. She was in some kind of state where she didn't realize she was dead.

The most valuable bit of data I got from her was that she was in a place where the reckoning of time was just the same as here, alluding to the idea that days function the same where she was. I grab this from a comment she made the day when she alluded to a point of time earlier in the day. The words and context fit in with perfection when she mentioned something that she did "yesterday afternoon".

Another guy I knew while he was living was a guy name Ben Thompson. He got in a serious automobile accident when he was in high school and got stuck in a coma for many weeks. He was left quite brain damaged and it was enough to impair his moral judgement and he got into some similar troubles after he got married and they led to his divorce. He was divorced sometimes around 2004 or 2005 and passed away not long afterwards.

He was part native American and his complexion was brown. In the dream I saw his face. I was almost the same skin tone but it was noticeably clean and shining. I could tell he was making efforts to become clean, like a child. He was a good man while he was alive and his problems really didn't start until after he had the accident. I believe he wanted to use me as an outlet to confirm to his family that he was heading in a positive direction.

These are just 2 appearances by people that had passed on that I knew. I have had other dead people appear, some even several times (One was Benjamen Franklin). He appeared multiple times, like he was either trying to get in touch with someone that he could communicate with or wanted feedback from someone like me to see what I felt about him.

Each time he appeared he was still bald on the top, just like when he had died. I wasn't interested in talking to him because his energy was bad (he reminded me of a guy that died and realized he had done or stood for some soulless things and didn't get smart enough to change). Without a body I know he can't do very well to make those things right again or rather what you do in the body effects your energy signature a lot more profoundly than what you can accomplish without it. When a dead guy approaches me with that kind of energy I think "well, what can I do?".

Theses are my thoughts about the dead and their continued existence and the suggestion that life continues on and on forever and mortality is about collecting experiences and refining our energy to be as refined and glorious as the light of the sun. Sun first, a brighter star later.
TheTristman TheTristman
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Dec 1, 2012