The Owl

Of the most interesting, yes most interesting experience I've had on the astral plane happened over a series of events and finally commentated in the weirdest astral experience I've ever had.

During times when I was feeling low I'd see the owl show up, looking directly into my eyes. Most of these times I was so tired or out of it I only caught a glimpse. Each time I felt disoriented and I would have missed this creature altogether had I not somehow barely become conscious.

On multiple occasions I'd stare at what looked like a card... yea. A Pokemon card. Laugh it up but it was the closest kind of card I could think of except its color was just purple black and blue and other hues that blended it together in a mysterious but basic card.

I say pokemon because the thing kept showing up with a level on it. All I can remember is a level 56 or 67 or another about in that level range.

I'd just stair at the card no knowing why it was there and thought well it has to do with something. Someone kept wanting me to see it.

After seeing the card many many times randomly in dreams, not thinking much of it because each time it was obscure and almost unreal and I couldn't see how it could have much baring on my life.

The actual owl looked quite exotic, mostly like a masked owl (in terms of feather color and blend, minus the speckled look around it's outer head feathers but it had the calmness and beauty of a barred owl that looked like it was still in its youth and very approachable.

A watcher owl whose appearance most closely resembled a masked owl suggests to me whatever the being is, it's only using the owl to mask its identity.

The culminating moment of all these spinets occurred when I found myself in a dream, trying to see who owned the house I was in. The house was dimly lit and had the spirit of a bachelor. I could tell I wasn't the only one who living in the house other than me and this person. The room was nice and seemed equivalent to a small master bedroom with wood colored doors and furniture.
It felt like the person who owned the room liked it to be clean but I couldn't tell what measure of a man he was. As I peered in I couldn't seem to focus very well so I spent time trying to discern who lived there.

Immediately the owl picked me up and flew me right back down the hall, no claws, no visible presence. I could only feel a cool spiritual presence capable of lifting me in the air, causing me to travel about 20 feet back down the hall.

This may sound uneventful but I've never felt anything like it. It actually FELT like the exhilaration you feel when you go over a small hill and then lose your stomach in a car or riding a ride except it lasted twice as long and was multiplied about 10 times more intense than I've ever felt in real life.

As far as my senses are concerned you can see, hear and taste on the astral plane and on some occasions feel pain. Tastes are usually faint, just a vibration of something. Visuals only as defined as your mind can focus. What you can hear can be anywhere from obscure faint whispers to well-defined words.

This one left all the other things I've felt behind because of its intensity. I didn't know who it was that did it. I only assume it was human that had shape-shifting powers because after I woke myself from the experience I heard someone say "It's not easy" when I contemplated how difficult that would be to do to someone else.

I had woke from the visuals only to have this unseen 'owl' take another swoop, feeling just as intense as the last so I woke myself up from the experience, not interested in feeling such an intense WHHOOOOOOOOSSSHHHH. I can only handle about one of these per several days I imagine because of its intensity. I'm sure you'd love to experience it if given the opportunity so search away and I'm sure you'll find one of these creatures or people.
TheTristman TheTristman
26-30, M
Dec 1, 2012