Sometimes Athletes Don't Know They're Being Rough. Matty Ice?

So I found myself taking a ride on the astral plane tonight. I don't know why I was in it, all I knew is the people in the car seemed to want to torment me a little bit. I was right behind the drivers seat. A somewhat tall, quite rough man was driving at the wheel. I had to put up with the guy on the right and in the passenger seat being a bit dicky, crude and I could tell they wanted to be physically dominant over me.

At one point the driver leaned his seat back trying to exert his dominance by space invasion. Obviously he didn't know who I was, otherwise he'd show a little respect.

Behind me I was being antagonized by none other than Faith Hill and Tim McGraw and I could tell they were enjoying the crude behavior by these imposing people.

It was past dawn and we were driving around, trying to find a good pick up spot for the sister of someone in the car, and I believe it was the drivers.

After the driver put his seat back to normal and forgot about what had gone on, I realized who the driver was.

Matty ICE!! What? I was under the impression that he's normally a pretty nice guy.

Any ways I decided to do something for him as we were driving and I realized the traffic was slowing us down a bit. So just like ET I picked up the car. It was like he was driving on auto pilot so he didn't really realize what was happening at first. I let the car sink down to about ground level again and then picked it up once more. He thought that I could guide the car myself but if I did there would be no growth for him as the driver. He was a little slow to realize that the fact that his steering wheel was turned to the far right enough to cause us to turn into a parking lot packed full of petroleum tanks of many varieties.

Finally I let him know, you'll have to steer the vehicle, I'm only providing the to get us to the destination you want to go faster.

So don't get hung up on petroleum, you have family that are relying on you for more important things.

And last but not least JC Chasez showed up in a neighboring dream, environment almost exact. I could hear the sound of some kind of NSYNC-ish sound in the background. I thought it sounded pretty good so I decided to sing along, with some rather high volume and energy.

At that point JC and whoever else was in the car with him decided to single me out and make me feel bad. The energy dropped and the music stopped in an instance.

So you don't like me, who cares! It's understandable. When he realized this didn't really matter to me he realized there was no reason to be mean anymore and he flashed me an image of him out on a surf, the colorful image of him in a wetsuit like he was contemplating grabbing some serious waves.

Well if you do, film it for us.
TheTristman TheTristman
26-30, M
Dec 4, 2012